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Review: Ultimate Tutankhamun

Review: Ultimate TutankhamunAired Tuesday 23rd February at 8pm on National Geographic (CH 266) | Rating: ★★★★☆



He was the boy king who found global fame thousands of years after his short reign, but who was the real King Tut? This documentary used cutting-edge tech to build a portrait of the pharaoh.

In a nutshell

The thing about Tutankhamun is that he wasn’t a particularly significant leader in his day. He rose to power as a child, ruled for a decade, then died. While he enacted a few changes during his reign, he probably would have been a footnote in history if it wasn’t for his tomb. It was the most complete ever discovered and provided us with the gold burial mask which is now a symbol of all things Ancient Egypt. And this is why there are no end of books and documentaries about the boy king. Documentaries like this one, in fact.

Ultimate Tutankhamun took a forensic approach to the story of Tut. In fact, with its team of intrepid experts, computer wizardry and slick approach, it was all a bit CSI: Egypt in parts. Which is an understandable approach if you think of this as being one of the coldest of cold cases. There were plenty of fascinating revelations here – including the fact that Tut’s body “spontaneously combusted” after his death due to the embalming oils and a rushed burial. And did you know his tomb was far too small for a pharaoh of his stature, and may have been intended for someone else?

What's the verdict?

No matter how many facts we uncover about Tutankhamun, the enigmas still remain. How strange that a child king from three thousand years ago has the power to intrigue and mystify us, right here in the 21st Century…

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