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Review: World War Three: Inside The War RoomAired Wednesday 3rd February at 9pm on BBC Two (CH 102) | Rating: ★★★★



Just in case the daily news wasn’t already terrifying you enough, BBC Two gave us this ominous analysis of how World War Three might really play out. Quite frankly, it was enough to make doomsday preppers of us all.

In a nutshell

We’re certainly living in “interesting times”, aren’t we? The very fact that we may have actual, proper Bond villains on the world stage (we’ll leave you to work out who they may be) is enough of a sign that things are getting cartoonishly frightening out there. Add the rampant craziness of ISIS into the mix, not to mention the conflicted opinions around North Korea, all the numerous flashpoints across the world, and we’ll be lucky to last till the end of the decade, let’s face it.

So thank you, BBC, for making us feel even more panic-stricken with this uber-realistic thought experiment. Basically, a group of military and diplomatic bigwigs sat around discussing a growing international crisis involving Russia, the Baltic states, and the war-mongering appetites of Putin. Pretty soon things were escalating rapidly and sweaty fingers were poised on big red buttons. Sure, it was all make-believe, but it was all just too thinkable for comfort.

What's the verdict?

Proving that subtle, sober analysis can be 10 times more petrifying than any number of apocalyptic Hollywood blockbusters, this was a must-watch programme in our strange and worrying times. Let’s just hope it remains in the realm of hearsay.

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