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Dark Souls coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility

Dark Souls coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility



The original Dark Souls will soon be backwards compatible with Xbox One and available for free with all digital pre-orders of Dark Souls 3, Microsoft has revealed.

As spotted by Reddit, the Australian Xbox Store states that download codes for the original Dark Souls will be delivered to pre-order customers within 7-10 days of purchasing, suggesting the game could be made backward compatible within the next week.

Microsoft has yet to formally announce Dark Souls for Xbox One backwards compatibility or confirm when exactly it will be available on the service. The deal is not yet live on the UK Xbox Store.

Dark Souls 3 launches in the UK on PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 12. The latest backwards compatible Xbox 360 title was released on Xbox One earlier today.

Unravel is undoubtedly a labour of love. The puzzle platformer opens with a thank you message from the development team at ColdWood Interactive. You can tell that everyone involved at the studio wants people to enjoy their game and, hopefully, for it to have some emotional impact.

Yarny, your playable character, can easily be compared to Sackboy of LittleBigPlanet fame, but the comparison is actually better than you might think. While, yes, they are both loosely from the same materials gene pool, the actual platforming mechanics (jumping, swinging, pushing, pulling, etc) feel pretty close to one another. This is a physics-based platformer with plenty of levers to pull, objects to push, seesaws to tip, so if you're not into that, you might want to stay clear.

For people like me, who actually enjoy LBP's platforming and neat environment manipulation, Unravel goes a step further. While Sackboy is made of cloth, Yarny is formed from (yes) yarn, with a single thread being wrapped around to make his impish body. This thread unravels (of course) as you move, and you'll actually be stopped from progressing at points unless you can tie some more on.

This single thread of yarn is also used to help solve Yarny's problems inside the game world. By tying the yarn to specific locations you can create ramps or jump platforms, enabling Yarny to move objects into previously out of reach areas or leap up to grab a ledge. It's a neat system, and throughout the adventure there are numerous clever puzzles that require a bit of brainpower and experimentation. What yarn tethers need to be joined together here? How can I move that lever and not get electrocuted? Is that acid there purely to piss me off?

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