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Weekly TV preview: Supers stunts and the supernatural


Want to know what delights are in store on that magical box of colours that sits in the corner of your living room? We have all the best picks of unmissable TV for you to enjoy throughout the week.

Keeping Up With the Khans

Thursday 4th February at 9pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)

Keeping Up With the Khans

No, this isn’t some ill-advised reality show spin-off from Citizen Khan. Instead, it’s a fascinating look at modern Britain, seen through the eyes of the residents and new immigrants in Sheffield.

Apparently, the original title for this latest docusoap was New Britain Street. Which we can all surely agree would have been a dreadful, dreadful title. It would certainly have hampered any next-day-at-the-office chat. “Hey, did you watch New Britain Street last night?”, asked nobody ever. Thankfully, they’ve gone for Keeping Up with the Khans, a reference to the fascinating fact that today’s immigrants in Sheffield – including Roma people from Slovakia – see the Pakistani community as the example of integration to strive for.

This sprawling, state-of-the-nation series focuses on a different demographic group in each episode. We begin with the immigrants themselves, including a chap from Lebanon who has trouble pinpointing Britain on a map, and another bloke from Sudan who is stuck in purgatory while awaiting news from the Home Office about his official status. Meanwhile, local Brits weigh in on the situation – expect heated views from both sides of the argument.

What’s the verdict?

This is the kind of show that will cause a firestorm of conflicting opinions on Twitter and in online newspaper comment sections. So expect to hear a lot more about it as the episodes go on. Wherever you stand, it’s a snapshot of our nation as it is today – utterly unmissable.