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Foo Fighters spoof best thing they've ever done

Foo Fighters spoof best thing they've ever doneby Matthew Horton



Never mind the music, here's the prank. Last night (2 March), US rock royalty Foo Fighters responded to persistent break-up rumours with a spoof video imagining where they'd go from here. To be honest, it looked pretty promising.

When the band revealed yesterday that they had a major announcement to make that evening, it seemed like tacit confirmation that they would be splitting or at least embarking on indefinite hiatus. There was the slim possibility they'd finally be fulfilling the Glastonbury headline slot they had to pull out of last year when Grohl broke his leg, but festival chief Michael Eavis has made so much noise about three British headliners this year that it seemed unlikely.

Instead we were treated to an alternative reality, where all those split stories came to fruition. Grohl is filmed in conversation with old pal and producer Butch Vig, mapping out where he could go from here if he set the other band members "free". Mesmerised at the thought of going solo where he only needed to "push a button" to make his music, Grohl morphs into an intriguing splice of smooth R&B loverman and Dr Dre.

His 'erstwhile' colleagues set about finding a new frontman, chucking hoary old rockers Sammy Hagar and David Coverdale into the mix, along with audacious choices Diplo and Justin Bieber. In the end, they're filmed rehearsing with Jessica Simpson's ex-husband Nick Lachey.

Just as a fascinating future unfolds, the screen fades to black and the message "For the millionth time, we're not breaking up" appears. Shame. If the band ever really tires of solid meat'n'veg rock, a career in comedy awaits.

Watch the full video below, but – WARNING – there is explicit language.