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Interview: Aaron from Geordie Shore

Interview: Aaron from Geordie Shore



Tashing on. Getting mortal. Totally radge. If these words mean nothing to you, then you’re in for quite the education as the new series of Geordie Shore pops onto our screens this week. It starts on Tuesday 15th March at 10pm on MTV and it’s going to be proper mint, like.

Last series, the cast was swept away to Greece. Quite appropriate, as it’s the spiritual home of their favourite cuisine, the kebab. Unforgettable moments included when Holly vented her frustration at the villa, a very awkward marriage proposal and Charlotte going swimming in the pool with a tree. Fairly tame stuff.

This time around, they are back on Geordie shores. We caught up with show star Aaron Chalmers to find out all the goss about the new series. It looks set to be the most explosive one yet…

The Geordie Shore gang are back - why aye!

Hi Aaron! You’re now on series 12. Why has the show been popular for so long?

“Because there is no other reality show that’s like us. We mix it up. We’ve done Cancun, Australia, Magaluf and Greece. We never really stay in one place. When people leave they bring the right people in. As long as they bring the right people in it will keep going and going.”

So, what can we expect from the new series?

“The biggest thing is the arguments. I don’t think the guys fell out this time. But there are a LOT of arguments from the girls. And I mean every night. So the series is a good one!”

The arguments get very fiery. Are they ever scripted?

“No, we’re not actors. We never, ever get told what to say. We just say what comes out of our mouths.”

What’s your favourite moment?

“Marnie [Simpson, Aaron’s love interest in the show] coming back!”

You have quite the collection of body art. We hear you have got into trouble for a certain tattoo of new girl Chantelle Connelly’s name…

“It was just for a laugh, but it didn’t go down well with Marnie. At all.“

What makes the right person for Geordie Shore?

“To be a bit of a lunatic helps. You’ve got to not care what others think of you. Everyone’s got an opinion. As long as you don’t worry and just be yourself it works.”

Vicky’s queen of the jungle, Scotty T’s just won Celebrity Big Brother… would you like to go on any other reality shows?

“I’d like to do I’m A Celebrity… because I‘m petrified of bugs but I’d want to prove a point that I could actually do it. We’ve now had Scott and Charlotte [Crosby], king and queen of Big Brother, so why not have two Geordies as king and queen of the jungle? I don’t think I’d be as good as Vicky as she was amazing, but I’d give it my best shot.”

We hear you’re getting into MMA fighting on the side. Is the UFC calling?

“I’ve been training. We’re going to try and get a fight sorted for later this year. People have fought for ten years and aren’t at that level. Some people in their spare time play football, some people play golf, some people go to the pub – I train. I’ll be honest, I’m never going to be a world champion but it’s something that I enjoy.”

Who would be your dream guest appearance on the show?

“If it was a girl, I’d have Rihanna. If it was a boy, I’d have [UFC champion] Conor McGregor.”

And is series 13 in the pipeline?

“We’re going to do one in the summer. I’m hoping it’s going to be away. It was all in Newcastle this time. We go to one other place in the UK, but I’m not allowed to tell you. It’s a spoiler!

Where would be your dream filming location?

“I would love to go to America. That’s the big one. And Thailand would be amazing. As long as it’s a party place, we could go anywhere!”

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