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Kingdom: Meet the characters

Kingdom: Meet the characters



Powerful family saga Kingdom is exclusive to Virgin Media XL TV subscribers, and it’s set to be your new favourite box set addiction. This critically acclaimed Mixed Martial Arts themed show is full of gripping drama and intense showdowns in and out of the ring.

There are big beefy blokes confronting their demons and pummelling rivals into pulp, as well as suitably powerful, badass women with compelling dilemmas and challenging issues of their own. Get to know the whole gang right now…

Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo)

The patriarch of the family is this drama is Alvey (played by Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Frank Grillo), a former MMA fighter who now runs a gym with the help of his girlfriend Lisa. Who just happens to be the ex-fiancé of a once-brilliant fighter called…

Ryan Wheeler (Matt Lauria)

Ryan has just been released from jail after serving time for assault. He starts training as a fighter again and causes problems for Alvey as he makes it clear that he is still very much in love with Lisa.

Jay Kulina (Jonathan Tucker)

Meanwhile, Alvey has a son, Jay, a swaggering, bragging loudmouth just begging to be put down a peg or two.

Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas)

Alvey has another kid too, called Nate (played by one-time pop-rocker Nick Jonas), a promising fighter who has deep issues of his own. 

Lisa Prince (Kiele Sanchez)

Lisa keeps Alvey’s gym on track and has to deal with the various hotheads who call the place a second home, not to mention devious investors and the looming presence of her disapproving father.

Christina Kulina (Joanna Going)

Having an even tougher time of it is Christina, who is Alvey’s estranged wife and the mum of Jay and Nate. If the guys have issues to deal with, they’ve got nothing on Christina, who’s a recovering drug addict and prostitute. The season will follow her struggle to put her life back together and forge new relationships with her family.

Find Kingdom in TV On Demand now, exclusive to TV XL. 

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