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Reasons to watch Kingdom

Reasons to watch Kingdom



Here are five big reasons to be excited about Kingdom, a heavyweight new drama exclusive to Virgin Media! 

1. It’s been a smash hit in the US

American TV critics and fans have given Kingdom rave reviews, with critics calling it “the best sports-themed series ever” and fans rating it as highly as Homeland and 24.

2. It’s 100% exclusive to Virgin Media – and TV XL!

TV XL subscribers not only get the most talked-about shows On Demand, they also get amazing Box Set exclusives like Kingdom.

3. It focuses on mixed martial arts – aka the fastest-growing sport in the world

MMA is officially MMAssive right now. Thanks to the epic Tom Hardy movie Warrior, this gritty and fascinating sport has a big-screen pedigree, but Kingdom is the first time MMA has been the central theme of a TV drama. And do you know what? It’s a knockout.

4. We’ve binged our way through the whole first series and…

…talk about a Box Set that packs a punch. There’s romance, back-stabbing, twists, intrigue, controversy, family politics, revenge-seeking exes, drama by the bucketload and former boyband sensation Nick Jonas showing off his acting chops (and grappling skills)!

5. This is the trailer

Find Kingdom in TV On Demand now, exclusive to TV XL. 

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