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Review: Betty White Goes Wild!Aired Tuesday 29th March at 9pm on Nat Geo Wild (CH 266) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



Betty White proved she’s still the ultimate Golden Girl in this fun and frolicsome documentary, which saw her getting up close and very personal with some extraordinary animals.

In a nutshell

So here’s how this programme started: Betty White’s face flashed up in the centre of the screen, where she did a big roar like the MGM lion. And that pretty much set the silly tone of the whole thing, which was about as far from a conventional wildlife documentary as it’s possible to imagine. But what else would we expect from the superbly spry and cheeky Betty White, who is still as energetic and up-for-it as ever in her ninth decade. The lady’s been in showbiz for 70 years, and still has the excited exuberance of someone who’s only just stumbled into the limelight.

That said, she had to share the screen with some serious scene-stealers in this one, which followed her on a great big jolly across several American zoos and safari parks. We’re talking VIP access to the big beasts, and there was plenty of Betty White being Betty White – waving at lions, getting covered in tropical birds, cuddling jaguar cubs, and of course making time to casually flirt with massively age-inappropriate hunks. Luckily, unlike some of the cats on show, she didn’t have to get her claws out.

What's the verdict?

Betty White could do a documentary on the assembly of ventilation ducts and it would be a rip-roaring watch. So it goes without saying that this was joyously entertaining from start till finish – and it shames those of us several generations younger than this audacious OAP. 

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