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Review: Billy The Kid: New Evidence

Review: Billy The Kid: New EvidenceAired Tuesday 8th March at 9pm on National Geographic (CH 266) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



The folksy tones of Kevin Costner talked us through this fascinating film about a photo which supposedly depicts Billy the Kid himself. But is it the real deal?

In a nutshell

We all love a good historic detective story, don’t we? Especially one focused on a true outlaw legend: William H. Bonney, aka Billy the Kid. Here’s the thing about the Kid: only one photograph of the gunslinger has been definitively confirmed. Depicting a rather gawky and gangly-looking lad, it’s a fuzzy but iconic image which fetched millions at auction. But, as this documentary revealed, there’s ANOTHER photo in contention at the moment. One that was discovered by collector Randy Guijarro in a California junk shop.

Bought for a couple of dollars, it seems to show Billy the Kid – or at least, someone who looks an awful lot like the confirmed photo of the Kid – playing croquet of all things. Sounds pretty unlikely, but many of the experts gathered for this film were certainly intrigued about the possibility of it being an authentic image of Billy the Kid. What ensued was lots of forensic analysis, frenzied speculation and delicious hearsay, although dissenting voices have cast doubt on the whole thing. Either way, this was an engrossing watch, telling the full story of how the photo was found and the possible ways it might be proven real.

What's the verdict?

With narration by a Hollywood A-lister and a barrage of facts about the Kid and the history of the American West, this was required viewing for anyone with half an interest in this much-mythologised era in human history. But the debates about the photo itself are bound to continue.

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