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Review: Ross Kemp’s Britain

Review: Ross Kemp’s BritainAired Tuesday 22nd March at pm on Sky1 (CH 110) | Rating: ★★★★☆



Usually blessed with a pair of perpetually angry eyes, Ross Kemp had his face set in an expression of entirely understandable unease last night, as he delved into the thorny issue of immigration in the first of this new three-part series.

In a nutshell

You’ve got to hand it to Ross Kemp. A role as iconic and memorably cheesy as Grant Mitchell should have typecast as a swaggering thug for the rest of his career – and at first it seemed to do just that (remember that rubbish SAS drama he was in?). But then he went and reinvented himself as a flabbergastingly fearless documentary maker. In past shows we’ve gawped as our Ross mingled with drug lords in Rio, entered the war zone of Afghanistan, and set himself on fire as an initiation ritual to infiltrate the Russian Far-Right.

Last night he was on safer territory – physically, at any rate. What the programme lacked in bullets flying around and bodies being engulfed in flames, it more than made up for with searing hot controversy about the state of immigration in our nation. All big questions were explored, from the question of legal vs illegal immigration to the epic arduous trips people take to get to these shores. A lot of it was uncomfortable to watch, but top marks for rooting out the human stories behind the fierce rhetoric and shouty headlines.

What's the verdict?

This is one debate that will never be settled – not even by hard man Ross Kemp, a man whose look of disgruntlement would be enough to lay most arguments to rest. It’s good to have the big man back, though, dealing with issues a lot bigger than Walford love triangles.

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