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Review: The Food Chain

Review: The Food ChainAired Monday 21st March at 8.30pm on Channel 4 (CH 104) | Rating: ★★★★☆



The finer points of apple picking and the sweet taste of gourmet salt were among the themes of this rather fascinating look at our nation’s foodie industry.

In a nutshell

Watching a documentary series about the ins and outs of the food supply chain may sound like something Alan Partridge might do on a dull evening in. But you know what? This was almost as engrossing as an all-you-can-eat buffet. After all, we all have an appetite for useless information, and this programme was full of the stuff. For example: did you know that apples should never be picked when it’s been raining? The reason being that the skins get slippery, meaning you have to hold them harder, meaning they can get bruised.

Now we know. Not that we needed to know, but hey. We also got to see the apples get shuttled off to various foodie fates, from a posh chocolatier to the Ritz hotel. Meanwhile, there were equally needless-but-interesting revelations about Maldon sea salt, the snow-like seasoning beloved of chefs and amateur food bores, which can apparently be nibbled on in the way you would never, ever nibble on regular salt. Even more shockingly, we learnt there’s an actual crisp sandwich shop in the UK. (And it’s in Yorkshire rather than hipster East London – who knew?)

What's the verdict?

A fun frolic through food, this made us hanker after crisp healthy apples and Hula Hoop sandwiches in a highly disorientating way. But we weren’t moved to chow down on salt crystals, so that’s ok...

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