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Review: Tribes, Predators and Me

Review: Tribes, Predators and MeAired Sunday 20th March at 9pm on BBC Two (CH 102) | Rating: ★★★★☆



What does it take to be a warrior in the depths of the Amazon? Gordon Buchanan found out, in a travel programme that was about as far from a Michael Palin documentary as it’s possible to be.

In a nutshell

We’ve seen this sort of show before, of course. Remember Bruce Parry, the mild-mannered former Royal Marine who spent quality time amid different tribes, chowing down on odd foods and getting his face painted a lot? He’s the most obvious forerunner to this brand new series on a very similar theme, only this time it’s another affable fellow – Gordon Buchanan – who’s become willingly embedded in brave new environments. First up was the Waorani tribe, and it proved to be quite the boy’s own adventure.

He went anaconda hunting, for pete’s sake. Anaconda hunting! Talk about living out your wildest Indiana Jones-esque dreams. And the fact that he was taught the ropes by bona fide warriors of the wild – complete with blowpipe darts and lethal spears – made it all the more thrilling. It wasn’t all frolicking and hunting, though. He also got to know their cultural beliefs and everyday etiquette, and the finer points of making friends with cheeky monkeys (literally) and bedazzling parrots.

What's the verdict?

This was certainly an exotic adventure, but it’s to the show’s credit that it didn’t just serve up an idealised image of unspoilt paradise – there was also much talk about the industrialisation of the region and the growing threat of oil producers. But what we liked most was the stuff about the anaconda. That was awesome.

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