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What's new in On Demand in March

What's new in On Demand in March



Itching to stuff that duffle coat into the deepest depths of your wardrobe? Longing to air your toes on a well-deserved, sandal-clad stroll?

Well, the good news is that spring has “officially” now sprung, which means that summer is basically just around the corner. It also means that it’s time for a telly spring clean – and we’re here to help you spruce up your TV closet with a bunch of fresh On Demand shows.

“Which series can I watch?” you might ask. Well, we’ve got a glut of characters for you to bond with, all of who are battling their own very personal demons. So you just need to sit back and root for your favourite…

The guy fighting the dead

Ever woken from a particularly grisly dream, just relieved to be you – and awake? Well, that ain’t the case for sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Played by Love Actually’s Andrew Lincoln, Grimes is abruptly jolted from a month-long coma to an unrecognisable world roaming with “walkers”, aka zombies who, frankly, don’t have much time for the living. With A* gun skills and an endearingly untrusting character, Grimes’ relentless drive to conquer his flesh-eating foes is enough to render any gentle soul armchair-bound for a season or six – handy, given that you can watch every single episode on Virgin Media in gore-ious HD!

Plus, if horror is your thing, there are plenty more macabre shows for you to feast on in our brand new Killer Shows Collection; including Ash Vs Evil Dead, ITV’s The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher series 1-3 and nordic noir Crimes Of Passion. Now that’s what we call dead good telly…

The hero battling the clergy

The Kray twins, Burke and Hare, Bonnie and Clyde… all feisty duos who you probably wouldn’t care to share a pot of tea with on a Sunday afternoon. Well, our protagonist Leonardo da Vinci has his fair share of strife as he takes on not only two politically tyrannous families, but also, erm, the Catholic clergy, in historical fantasy Da Vinci’s Demons. Young Leonardo is played by Kent-born Tom Riley (Monroe), who spends his free time fighting the sinful state, searching for a certain book.

The “dude” wrestling with love

What if they say no? Is my hair smooth? Do I have leftover Nando’s in my teeth? The world of dating can be a daunting place for singletons – just ask our favourite uncool cool dude, Johnny Bravo. Faced with never-ending rejection, JB keeps giving us smug chortles of satisfaction, as lady after lady slam-dunks him into the rejection bin. Since the 1990s, Johnny Bravo has been one of Cartoon Network’s biggest legends, entertaining both kids and adults with his attempts to win over the ladies – and all his greatest moments can be enjoyed this Easter holiday in our School’s Out collection.

Johnny Bravo not your bag? Worry not, the School’s Out collection features a cracking variety of shows, from The Amazing World Of Gumball to Casper’s Scare School and Garfield.

The digital detectives hunting for catfish

If you’re picturing Sherlock and Watson waist-deep in water, with smart phones in one hand and flapping fish in the other, plug yourself in for an update. “Catfish” is the 21st-century word for a person who pretends to be someone else online. The term emerged from 2010 documentary Catfish, which follows a young man named Nev Schulman who begins a relationship with a woman he met on Facebook. Spoiler alert: all is not as it seems. The hit film spawned a massively popular MTV show of the same name, hosted by Schulman and fellow filmmaker Max Joseph. In the TV series, the duo help real people uncover the truth about their online relationships. It’s seriously addictive stuff, and you can watch series 3 and 4 in our Keeping It Real collection.

For even more love and war from reality TV, Keeping It Real also contains such gems as Ex On The Beach, Geordie Shore and Lifetime’s Dance Moms.

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