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14 hilarious first date confessions

14 hilarious first date confessions



First dates can be beautiful occasions, rich in possibility, that can mark the new dawn of a life-changing opportunity filled with thrilling nervousness and excitement… or they can be feverish anxiety nightmares full of terrible accidents and stomach-churning awkwardness.

The potential for these occasions to go either way is what makes Channel 4’s First Dates (returning on Tuesday 9th August at 9pm) such a genius concept. As maître-d Fred Sirieix offers his unique philosophy of love, we get to eavesdrop on the good, the bad and the ugly dinner table conversations. It’s not always pretty, but it IS always captivating.

In celebration of the new series, here are some of the best first date confessions ever admitted by brave singletons, all courtesy of Whisper

The problem solver

The unwell bowler

The cheapskate

The time management specialist

The unfortunate gut reaction

The creepy compliment

The sensitive date

The mixed messenger

The sham engagement

The prepared optimist

The prepared optimist

The grass-is-always-greener date

The in-law interviewee

The forward-thinking pessimist

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