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Ant-Man meets the Cap’n and other Marvel meet cutes

Ant-Man meets the Cap’n and other Marvel meet cutes



The definition of a meet cute is a “plot device that introduces two characters in a way that’s charming, ironic, or just generally amusing”.  We think we’ve just found the perfect example in this new clip from Captain America: Civil War, in which Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) meets Captain America (Chris Evans) for the first time.  Although when we say “meet”, we actually mean “fawns over Cap and squeezes his muscles”.  Still, it is rather cute.  Check it out below.

Basically, Ant-Man is ALL OF US.  In anticipation of Civil War pounding into cinemas later this month, here are our favourite other Marvel-lous meet cutes:

1. Ant-Man drops in on some old warehouse, meets Falcon (Ant-Man, 2015)

Such is the nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that new relationships don’t always get off to the best start. When Ant-Man accidentally drops in on the Avenger’s new HQ, Falcon (Anthony Mackie) just happens to be doing the rounds.  Unfortunately, Ant-Man doesn’t know what to do with an Avenger when he meets one, which leads to an intensively choreographed but massively entertaining tussle.

2. Iron Man meets Black Widow (Iron Man 2, 2010)

Never lie on your CV folks, because you never know when the boss might decide to check out some of your claims.  After impressing her new employer with some slick fighting skills, Natalie Rushman AKA Black Widow momentarily drops her cover to Tony Stark.  “Is there anything real about you? Do you even speak Latin?” he asks, to which the answer is most definitely yes (or whatever it is in Latin).

3. Quicksilver bumps into Hawkeye (Avengers: Age Of Ultron, 2015)  

Oh, Quicksilver. Your flash-in-the-pan appearance in the Avengers sequel revealed three things: the power of super speed, an accent so thick you can practically see it, and a budding bromantic rivalry with Hawkeye. “You djidn’t schee thad commink?” asks the Sokovian speedster when he literally runs into (and bowls over) the Avengers archer. There begins a battle for one-upmanship that, let’s be honest, Hawkeye could never win. He is, after all, Hawkeye.

4. Loki meets The Hulk (and wishes he hadn’t) (Avengers Assemble, 2012)

“I have an army” threatens Loki in his conversational showdown with Tony Stark. “We have a hulk,” Stark replies. And little did the mischievous space-god know just how appropriate that response was, not understanding the full might of the not-so-jolly green giant. Well, he gets to find out; being interrupted mid-rant when the Hulk picks him up by the ankle and slams him down repeatedly into the floor. Puny god, indeed.

5. Agent Coulson squees in front of Captain America (The Avengers, 2012)

Who knew, before this moment, that stoical, straight-faced Coulson was one of us – a die-hard, geeked-out fanboy? Upon meeting Cap, the super-serious agent shows just a glimpse of losing his cool when he starts babbling excitedly about the original mint condition trading cards he owns of the super-soldier. The whole cringe-worthy scene is basically exactly what would happen if we ever met Chris Evans in real life.

Captain America: Civil War is released in UK cinemas on Friday 29th April.  For more superhero action, check out the DC & Marvel Collection now on Virgin Movies, via your Virgin Media set top box.  Press Home on your remote, then On Demand > Movies.

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