Exclusive interview: Kevin Costner on Criminal | Virgin Media
Exclusive interview: Kevin Costner on Criminal

Exclusive interview: Kevin Costner on Criminal



Mind-melding thriller Criminal lands in cinemas this week, and we got to sit down with acting legend Kevin Costner to grill him about his new movie set in London.

The action starts when a CIA agent is killed before completing his mission, leaving the CIA with the only option to transplant his memories into that of a dangerous criminal who can’t feel emotions.  And if you’re thinking that sounds pretty amazing, then check out the rest of the cast, which includes Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Gal Gadot.  That’s Superman’s dad, Deadpool, Two-Face, Detective Gordon AND Wonder Woman, all in one movie!

We got into Kevin Costner’s head to ask him about reuniting with his mates from JFK, and why there’s driver out there who’s very thankful about Dances With Wolves winning an Oscar.   Watch our exclusive interview below!


Criminal is released in UK cinemas on Friday 15th April.  Watch Kevin Costner in Man Of Steel, available now on Virgin Movies by pressing Home on your remote, then On Demand > Movies.

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