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8 reasons why Supergirl is better than Superman


Bored by brooding Batman and the moody Man of Steel? What you need is the bright sunny fun of Supergirl, who – on the strength of her brilliant series on Sky 1 – could take down both gloomy big screen heroes with her winning personality alone. As the second season returns at the end of January, here are just a small handful of reasons why the Girl of Steel (aka Kara Zor-El) is better than her more famous cousin.

Melissa Benoist is perfectly cast


It's not just her beaming smile and her confident but unimposing physicality – Benoist positively radiates warmth, goodness and decency as Kara/Supergirl in a way that sharply recalls that other piece of note-perfect superhero casting, Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent/Superman.

The plots are ripped straight from Superman’s pages


In the space of a single season, Supergirl has already pulled off several classic Superman stories – upcoming highlights include a Red Kryptonite episode (i.e. Supergirl turns evil), an appearance from Bizarro Supergirl and a thoroughly delightful team-up with The Flash. It took Smallville 10 years to do all that.

You'll believe a girl can fly


Needless to say, TV special effects capabilities have come a long way and the comic-book action sequences are a lot of fun, with Kara effectively kicking ass in mid-air on a regular basis.

With great power comes powerful emotion


Far from just having Supergirl bash a bunch of bad guys every week, the writers are careful to layer in strong emotional backgrounds to each story, most notably in the heat vision episode above, which features Kara trying to control her anger (check out her impressive rage-face).

Anything Superman can do, Supergirl can do better


Remember that bit in the original 1978 film Superman, where the first time you see him flying is when he rescues Lois from the helicopter? Well, Supergirl has a similar first flight scene, only it's with a Jumbo Jet...

When she's not saving the planet, she's exactly like us


In one of several nice character touches, the show goes out of its way to make Kara as dorkily adorable-slash-relatable as possible when she's not punching bad guys. To that end, her favourite pastimes include ordering pizza and binge-watching TV.

She can walk away from an explosion like a pro


You're not really an action hero unless you can convincingly walk away from an explosion. Eat your heart out, Bruce Willis etc.

There are comic twists on Superman’s worst clichés


We all know Superman has rescued plenty of kittens from plenty of trees. But has he ever rescued a pet snake? No, he hasn't. Supergirl, on the other hand...

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