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Review: Artists in Love

Review: Artists in LoveAired Monday 18th April at 9pm on Sky Arts (122) | Rating: ★★★★☆



The brilliant Samantha Morton delving into Picasso’s love life? Frankly we were sold on this from the start, and the programme turned out to be every bit as salacious and enjoyable as we hoped.

In a nutshell

Picasso is remembered for many things. The creation of Cubism. The wholesale reinvention of sculpture. Parading around with his top off a lot. And also, being the most rampant womaniser this side of Russell Brand. His sex life was the stuff of gossip columns, thanks to the relish with which he exploited his own artistic stature to bed a procession of lovely young ladies. Most of them couldn’t withstand the force of his personality, but – as this documentary revealed – one of them certainly could. She was Dora Maar.

Immortalised in the painting Dora Maar au Chat, which was later sold for a gazillion dollars, she got her due in this film, which thankfully presented her as an actual person and artist in her own right, rather than simply another of the Great Man’s muses. A collage of expert interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and shots of Samantha Morton hovering through arty locations gave us a fascinating insight into the long and turbulent relationship between the two people. And it was also a romantic reminder of a bygone age of bohemian excess.

What's the verdict?

With her achingly expressive face and delivery, Samantha Morton could present a programme on the history of accountancy and it would probably be worth watching. Add her to a grand saga of great love and great art, and the result was utterly irresistible.

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