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Review: Bizarre Animal Friends

Review: Bizarre Animal FriendsAired Tuesday 5th April at 9pm on Nat Geo Wild (CH 264) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



So last night we said "Awwwww!" even more than that time we saw that puppy video on YouTube, as we met some of the most adorably mismatched animal buddies since the owl and the pussycat got busy on the high seas.

In a nutshell

Imagine some animals. Now imagine some baby animals. Now, imagine some baby animals being looked after by other animals from completely different species. Are you weeping with adoration yet? Well don't worry if not – this Nat Geo Wild documentary series will have even the most stone-hearted badger-baiter's eyes doughier than the morning shift at Krispy Kreme. What can we say – there’s just something about cross-species cooperation that just gets us all gooey inside.

Things kicked off last night with an uber-cute episode which featured among its stars the world’s smallest stallion. Which would frankly have been enough to get us gushing, never mind the simply wonderful friendship it had struck up with a dog. Some of the juxtapositions were just plain surreal – how about the sheep guarding the rhinos? That makes just no sense, but it also does. Cuteness aside, the show also featured testimony from scientists deploying facts alongside the fun footage. All in all, it's the nearest to a real-life version of a sappy Disney flick. In a good way.

What's the verdict?

It may have a serious scientific point buried under all the footage of animals asleep on top of each other, but we all know why most people will be watching this one. If you're feeling down with the world, this will sort you out in no time.

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