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Review: Colony

Review: ColonyAired Thursday 7th April at 9pm on Sky1 (CH 110) | Rating: ★★★★☆



Yes, it’s yet another alien invasion series. But can Colony set itself apart and be an out-of-this-world piece of high concept television?

In a nutshell

Over the years there have been more TV shows about alien invaders than you can shake a ray gun at. So what can Colony offer that will rouse us from our sofa-based slumber? Not all that much, going by this pilot episode. But let’s focus on the positives first: at least it doesn’t SHOW the invasion itself, and at least we’re not in some post-apocalyptic battleground, a la Falling Skies. Instead, it’s about a totalitarian dystopia where the invaders control humanity and have sealed off entire cities using high walls and brutal militia.

But if there’s one thing more tired than the alien invasion genre, it’s the dystopian future genre. And sadly, this show seems to offer up all the basic stuff we’ve seen before – from the sinister security forces keeping “peace” on the streets, to the draconian laws and regulations, to the plucky heroes clinging onto their individuality against all odds. No amount of cryptic phraseology and world-building (eg “Redhats”, “the Factory”, the “Raps”) can make this seem any less stale than it actually is. Unlike the overlords themselves, this is anything but earth shattering.

What's the verdict?

Perhaps we’re being unduly harsh? Perhaps Colony will shape up to be a properly deep and dark metaphor for our turbulent times, like Battlestar Galactica? We’ll just have to stick it through the next few episodes to find out.

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