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Review: Dive Wars Australia

Review: Dive Wars AustraliaAired Thursday 31st March at 8pm on Discovery (CH 250) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



The intrepid seafood seekers were back last night, getting wet and wind-lashed in the ceaseless pursuit of delicacies hardly anyone eats. Still, it pays well, right?

In a nutshell

Quick, think of a posh bit of seafood. Perhaps an oyster? They’re pricey (though they were once cheap enough to throw into meat pies). Or how about the ever-trendy scallop, beloved opalescent ingredient of many a MasterChef contestant, and one of the most wallet-walloping starters you could hope to order in a restaurant. But even scallops are as dated as flares in the seafood stakes when you compare them to the coolest kid on the block: abalone.

Alarmingly vivid and large, they basically resemble Star Trek-style alien pods, which probably accounts for part of their brash foodie appeal. There’s also the small matter of how maddeningly dangerous they are to source. Hence this series, which follows brave/foolhardy abalone gatherers as they plunge into the waters around Australia to nab the prized foodstuffs. As we saw last night, this is hardcore diving – not only do they have to withstand the freezing waters and turbulent waves, but there’s the very real threat of being chomped on by a passing great white shark.

What's the verdict?

Most shows like this stay on the decks of ships, as fishermen risk their necks to land hauls of tuna and the like. But this programme takes us right down into the water itself, and it’ll make really appreciate the next time you tuck into some abalone. You eat it all the time, right?

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