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Review: Europe: Them Or Us

Review: Europe: Them Or UsAired Tuesday 12th April at pm on BBC Two (102) | Rating: ★★★★☆



Bespectacled news guru Nick Robinson did a lot of soul-searching on behalf of our nation in this programme, which delved into the very questions that define Britain today (and yesterday).  

In a nutshell

Europe. Sick of hearing about it yet? If not, you’re probably/definitely sick of the awful language mutation that is the word “Brexit” – no matter how many times politicians and pundits say it in sober news shows, we still think it sounds like a breakfast cereal, or a kind of low-carb bread-replacement astronaut food. But, impervious to such jaded thoughts, Nick Robinson went ahead last night and sunk his teeth into all the big issues facing us in the EU referendum.

This wasn’t some dry analysis of obscure EU infrastructure – he looked at the gossipy, juicy history of our turbulent relationship with our European cousins, exploring how key players like Winston Churchill and Harold Wilson shaped the course of our country. It was a good primer for anyone too young to remember the early days of the Common Market, and the paradoxical love-hate feelings our ministers have always had with the giant land mass across the Channel. Ultimately, though, the most fascinating question of all is just what Europe even means, and whether or not we Brits are “European” in any meaningful sense.

What's the verdict?

As the newspapers and blogs toss arguments back and forth, and smack each other with metaphorical handbags, this more cerebral and ponderous programme made for a refreshing change. Especially as it’s very nearly make-your-mind-up time…

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