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Review: Normal for Norfolk

Review: Normal for NorfolkAired Wednesday 13th April at 10pm on BBC Two (CH 102) | Rating: ★★★★☆



We were beckoned into the world of a “gentleman farmer” in this delightful new docusoap, which gleefully seeks to reinforce all the stereotypes about Norfolk being a rather, erm, peculiar place.

In a nutshell

You’d think that having a massive 17th Century manor to your name would mean you’re pretty much sorted in life. But even country squires have to face financial woes in this day and age, and gentleman farmer Desmond MacCarthy is no different. This documentary opened up the doors of stately Wiveton Hall, a place that takes serious funds to keep afloat. And that means effort, especially when – as in Desmond’s case – you also have to deal with two kids and a mum on the brink of turning 100.

The way to describe this programme is “charming”. That one word sums it all up, with Desmond himself being a proper British eccentric of the kind sadly being extinguished in our samey society. It was great fun watching him at work, and marvelling in his entrepreneurial zeal, as he transformed his home into a tourist attraction, handled silly little problems, and welcomes the first, very hungover guest who’d been celebrating the anniversary of Waterloo. As you do.

What's the verdict?

This has arrived without any hype, but we bet it’ll become a bit of a sleeper hit – think of it as a comedy-drama that happens to be set in that strange, strange place known as the real world. 

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