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Review: Sharkzilla

Review: SharkzillaAired Thursday 14th April at 8pm on Animal Planet (CH 256) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and Kari Byron – the perky, smiley, incredibly American stars of Mythbusters – put a mechanical monster through its paces in this homage to the "greatest apex predator of all time".

In a nutshell

The fun-value of any documentary is directly proportional to how much the voice-over sounds like a trailer for an action film. This show's narrator passed that test with flying colours. "It might be possible to reverse engineer a nightmare," he growled. "A nightmare we call... SHARKZILLA."

Actually, scientists would call it a megalodon. Imagine a great white shark, now multiply it by awesome and you've got this flabbergasting beast of the seas. Measuring over 52 feet, capable of fitting a Tyrannosaur head within its jaws, it's arguably the most formidable creature ever to inhabit the Earth. The amazing thing is we know all of this based on a few teeth and vertebrae – a complete skeleton's never been found. That didn't stop the experts in this programme from creating a life-sized mechanical megalodon, complete with a working mouth which ripped through a variety of massive blocky things while crowds whooped and cheered.

What's the verdict?

This was a hugely enjoyable romp through natural history, back to a time when a monster straight from a rubbish B-movie actually existed, ripping the heads off whales and generally terrorising everything in its path. Somehow, Jaws doesn't seem quite so scary anymore.

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