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Review: Slash: Made in Stoke

Review: Slash: Made in StokeAired Sunday 17th April at 9pm on Sky Arts (CH 122) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



With top hat firmly in place, legendary axe-man Slash treated his home crowd to some classic tunes in this celebration of good old fashioned ROCK. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…

In a nutshell

Slash may be a globe-trotting icon of rock, but he was once an ordinary lad from Stoke-on-Trent. And he certainly hasn’t forgotten where he came from, if this special concert was anything to go by. Triumphantly returning to the city that shaped his upbringing, he came in fall Guns N’ Roses gear – ie, resembling a kind of circus freak Brian May – and lavished hordes of fans with immortal tracks from his golden years.

Yep, we’re thankful to say that he didn’t do that thing some veterans do, which is preciously withhold the old tunes everyone actually wants to listen to. Even though we had lank-haired rocker Myles Kennedy rather than Axl Rose on vocals, we still managed to relish tracks like Civil War, Paradise City and Sweet Child o’ Mine. And there were some wonderfully eccentric moments too, like Slash’s rendition of the Godfather theme tune. Now we can say we’ve heard that.

What's the verdict?

In our squeaky clean musical universe of carefully crafted ballads, identikit hip hop and immaculately sculpted guitar rock, it’s good to know Slash is still out there, as scuzzy and hairy and awesome as ever. Long may it continue. 

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