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The 10 most giffable Jennifer Lawrence moments

The 10 most giffable Jennifer Lawrence moments



If one day a conspiracy was uncovered and it transpired that Jennifer Lawrence owned stock in the company that invented the animated gif, it wouldn't be a surprise – the actress is basically a walking, talking meme. With Joy arriving on Sky Cinema this week, we explore the wonder of J-Law through the medium of gifs. These are the Jennifer Lawrence gifs that keep on giffing.

Jennifer loves Josh

We love the playful relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and her Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson. The pair play a dangerous game of one-upmanship on the red carpet, each trying to cause as much embarrassment to the other as possible. Sorry, J-Hutch – not only are you not going to win in the shortened name department, you're always coming second to Jennifer when it comes to trolling.

Jennifer knows how to handle the paps

No nonsense stuff here from Miss Lawrence: she knows exactly what the press want and she gives it to them – an animated gif of her being super sassy-pants! At this point Jennifer's every public word has probably been animated, captioned and put online. We're just grateful zingers like this are kept for eternity.

Jennifer likes pizza

Jen is a real girl, and like real girls, she gets hangry. It's hard work being a movie star, especially one who works as hard and looks as good as she does, so it's little surprise Jennifer is always on the lookout for snacks, whether that means celebrating upon finding leftover mints in one's pocket, feigning disappointment at the lack of hotdogs at the Oscars or just craving pizza. She's just like us!

Jennifer gives good gif face

Too many actresses are afraid to actually emote, scared that wrinkling their face into a frown or a scowl or a Jack Nicholson impression might wind up being permanent if the wind changes. Not Jennifer Lawrence: she is more game to make a fool out of herself than anyone.

Jennifer gets overwhelmed

Ever wondered how Jennifer Lawrence would react if she met Jack Nicholson? Turns out she'd react in the exact same way we would – in wide-eyed terror and open-mouthed disbelief. This amazing moment was captured for posterity after Nicholson congratulated Lawrence on her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. The look of fear continued when Nicholson lurked behind her for several minutes. That god the GifCam was turned on!

Jennifer is clumsy as all hell

We don't know what we love more: Jennifer being klutz enough to spill her complementary mints under the table of her Hunger Games press conference, or the smooth move she pulls off straight after where she attempts to play it off like nothing's happened. It's the Action Man side-eyes that sell it.

Jennifer gets shy

The clue’s in the name

The clue’s in the name

Just because you're an Oscar-winning, Jack Nicholson-pleasing actress of repute doesn't mean you can't still get goosebumps upon meeting your heroes. Lawrence found herself on the same red carpet as her idol Jeff Bridges at ComicCon and bottled the meet-and-greet, preferring to tear back down the red carpet in front of the world's press. She eventually worked up the courage to chat to Bridges, but the gif was already halfway around the world.

Jennifer is even clumsier than we originally said

It takes a special kind of person with a stunning lack of inner balance and spacial awareness to fall over at the Oscars, not once but twice: the cynics in us wonder if she doesn't keep tripping up to keep herself in Giphy's good books. But no: Lawrence is that most wonderful thing – an awkward, gawky swan, who could be so graceful if she could just stop flapping around and falling on her face so much.

Jennifer gives GREAT gif face

See point 4. As long as there is a camera around to capture it, Jennifer will give you the epic gif you have been craving your whole life. Impressions of monsters. Fake lip-pulling. Imaginary pizza-eating. The woman is perfect. Can animated gifs reciprocate feelings of love? Asking for a friend.

Jennifer almost ended Taylor Swift

Very briefly, during the Golden Globes red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence threatened to creep up on Taylor Swift in the immediate aftermath of her terrifying treatment at the hands of stage-invader Kanye West. The fact that she thought it would be funny is brilliant, matched only by how close she came to actually pulling off the greatest photobomb of all time.

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