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The best TV moments of the week

The best TV moments of the week



From the shocking to the mind-boggling to the downright stomach-churning (we’re looking at you, Phil Mitchell), here are our standout telly highlights of the week…

Juiciest confession of the week

The Island With Bear Grylls provided us with our “OMG for realz?” moment of the week, and it was entirely unrelated to anyone eating grubs or crawling a rockface in their pants. No, it was lovely middle-aged bloke Chris abruptly confessing to having done time in prison. “What were you in for, being too nice?” someone laughed. Actually he’d done a six and a half year stretch for armed robbery, and Twitter was somewhat taken aback…

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Wales has got talent

This year’s BGT had its Paul Potts/Susan Boyle mega-breakout-moment last week, when a painfully adorable cleaner from Newport called Kathleen Jenkins took to the stage. Her version of Wild Horses was so powerful it could be felt on the Richter scale, earning a standing ovation from the judges and leading to much blubbing across the land – mainly because her dear old dad was all proudly weepy in the audience.

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Bradley Walsh lost it (again) 

The Chase has provided us with many a cringey laugh out loud moment over the years, and poor Bradley Walsh had to deal with another one last week. It began innocently enough, when he asked EastEnders star Nina Wadia, “The spring wildflower garlic mustard has what alternative name?” Then came the answer options and, well, suddenly we were in a Carry On film. See for yourself…

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Best worst love scene of the week

Despite looking like he’s literally made out of tinned luncheon meat, Phil Mitchell has always been a hit with the ladies of Walford. We get that. But even we jaded veterans of EastEnders were… surprised when arch-enemies Phil and Denise did the dirty last week. “Just so wrong,” was how one Tweet described it. “Think I have a little bit of sick in my mouth,” said another. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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Suddenly we loved caravans 

Despite sounding like a programme dreamt up by a drunken Alan Partridge, Caravanner Of The Year became one of the must-see TV events of the week thanks to its eccentric British charm. The Twitter reaction said it all: “This is like Midsomer Murders without the murders”/”It’s so tragic but weirdly good”/ “I don't know where this program has been all my life but #Caravanneroftheyear is TV gold.” Even this one clip is more compelling than it has any right to be.

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Greatest celebrity cameo of the year so far

See this gif? Watch closely. See that old chap on the sofa on the left, in the grey top? That’s only Adam West appearing on The Big Bang Theory for its special 200th episode. Yes, TV’s iconic Batman made a simply marvellous cameo, providing pithy opinions on the other Batmen (“Even my poodle knows Bale’s overrated”). Best bit came when Howard asked if he was worried about Affleck. Adam West: “What’s an Affleck?”

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Best forgetting to breathe moment

“Moment” isn’t quite accurate. We basically didn’t breathe for the entirety of the Line of Duty finale. Trouble is, we can’t say much about it for fear of spoilers and fan-rage from anyone who hasn’t watched it on Catch Up yet, but suffice it to say, it’s so unbelievably good it will make you want to hit things in cathartic euphoria. Especially the interview scenes. And that bit when Dot… OK we’ll stop. Here’s Dot’s face looking worried instead.

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