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11 most shocking Catfish reveals

11 most shocking Catfish reveals



Now in reaching the end of its fifth season, MTV’s Catfish is still providing us with jaw-dropping moments (did you see the spirit medium episode? OMG). Ok, so all the episodes follow the same format – bromantic pair Nev and Max sit down at a laptop and read a desperate email from someone keen to meet the person they’ve been speaking to online – but after Nev and Max do some digging and set up a meeting between the pair, you genuinely never know who’s going to show up.

With seasons 3 and 4 available to watch On Demand, here’s our selection of the most shocking Catfish reveals.

Keyonna and Bow Wow

Keyonna and Bow Wow - Catfish reveals.

Chatting to anyone claiming to be a celebrity via Facebook should be an immediate red flag, but Keyonnah was certain she was speaking to rapper/actor Bow Wow when he sent her $10,000 to ease her financial troubles. His refusal to video chat after four months led her to Nev and Max, who helped her discover that Bow Wow is actually Dee, a gay woman who created the profile to get girls. It’s hard to know what was more shocking: that Dee managed to borrow $10,000 from family to send to a stranger or that she lures straight girls online as a challenge.

Artis and Jess 

Artis and Jess - Catfish reveals.

Spending every waking hour talking to a stranger is one thing, but Artis was so certain of his love for Jess that he broke up with the mother of his three children in order to be with her. That’s crazy enough, but “Jess” turned out to be Justin, a guy on a mission to teach cheating men a lesson via humiliation. His terrifying slow clap and generally unhinged behaviour made this one unmissable. 

Jasmine and Mike

Jasmine and Mike - Catfish reveals.

After two years of texting, single mother Jasmine was keen to meet Mike as they’d never even spoken on the phone. When she finally got her chance “Mike” was actually Mhissy, a former friend who decided to create the fake profile to keep Jasmine away from her boyfriend. What makes this a legendary reveal was Mhissy’s complete lack of regret and the genuinely confused look on everyone’s face.

Jesse and Brian 

Jesse and Brian - Catfish reveals.

By the second season it became customary for viewers to shout “It’s a man!” at the TV screen because no-one was who they said they were, but sometimes the most shocking thing can be the truth. Jesse fell for former Marine and all-round good guy Brian on Facebook but friends tried to convince her he wasn’t who she thought he was. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the man was indeed Brian who had not lied about anything. The two were instantly inseparable and it was adorable, but still quite surprising. 

Cassie and Steve 

Cassie and Steve - Catfish reveals.

After the murder of her father, Cassie’s life went into a downward spiral and Steve became the positive influence she needed to turn her life around. She went through the Catfish motions with friend Gladys by her side, so everyone was a bit shocked when Steve turned out to be her BFF who created the profile to help her get her life back together. Why she proposed and didn’t tell her this before MTV showed up is anyone’s guess. 

Rod and Ebony

Rod and Ebony - Catfish reveals.

Now this one is confusing: Rod has been lying to Ebony about his name and his looks during the four years they’ve been chatting. He was exploring his sexuality as “KJ” and was fine with Ebony having “the same stuff” as him. When they finally meet, Ebony reveals that her secret is that she’s a woman, and gay, and a mother to a young child. The pair remained friends and nothing more. 

Mike and Caroline

Mike and Caroline - Catfish reveals.

“Do you know her?” asked Nev as “Caroline” scuttled away from Mike after revealing her true identity. Mike thought he was chatting to a beautiful redhead battling cancer, but he was actually in a web-based relationship with Heather. What made this shocking is that Heather had catfished Mike before and after he rejected her upon discovering who she was, she pretended to be Caroline just so she could speak to him again.

Falesha and Jacqueline

Falesha and Jacqueline  - Catfish reveals.

This episode from season four is different simply because Falesha wasn’t interested in Jacqueline romantically. Instead, she wanted to meet the girl who pretended to be her online solely to abuse other people in her school and make her life very difficult. Tracey aka Jacqueline spent months doing this because she found it funny, but what made it so shocking was her constant maniacal giggling and comparing her double life – children’s carer by day and online bully by night – to Disney’s Hannah Montana. 

Antwane and Tony

Antwane and Tony - Catfish reveals.

By the time Catfish hit it’s third season, the term had become a proper ‘thing’ and was even entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.  Sadly this meant it was only a matter of time before Catfish itself got catfished.  After sending everyone on a wild goose chase to track down Antwane’s online love Tony, his cousin Carmen dropped a bomb on our heads by admitting she was Tony, and had an amazing (and unsettling) talent for impersonating men on the phone.  What was even more shocking was that Carmen claimed to be a serial catfish, and had ‘fished her cousin in the hope the show would provide her with a few minutes of fame.

Blaire and Markie

Blaire and Markie - Catfish reveals.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s worse: a Catfish who lies about their identity, or one who lies about, well, everything.  Creepy catfish Markie was certainly the girl in the photos who had been speaking to Blaire, so score one there, but her profile photo was probably the only thing she hadn’t lied about.  After Nev and Max finally tracked the slippery Markie down, her excuses for being evasive put her right into the Catfish Hall of Fame: a far-fetched kidnapping story that included a prophetic dream and a death threat.  Poor Blaire was left wondering if it had all been worth it.

Kayla and Courtney

Kayla and Courtney - Catfish reveals.

Literally anything can happen on Catfish – even catfishing from beyond the grave.  Rather than the usual romantic storyline, Kayla and Courtney in season 5 had a genuinely shocking connection.  Courtney had contacted Kayla out of the blue with messages from Kayla’s father…only Kayla’s dad had been dead for 14 years.  This was obviously slightly more serious than photoshopping your profile pic.  In a very strange and extended episode, Courtney’s details checked out completely and she appeared to have no ulterior motive to befriending Kayla.  She knew so much about Kayla and her family that Nev and Max (and us) were left completely freaked out and questioning everything we know about life.

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