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The best TV moments of the week


It was the week when Simon Cowell got onto the BGT stage, and Celebrity Pointless became the most controversial show on the box. Here's more on them and some other unlikely highlights…



So Iain Lee and Keith Chegwin must be seriously regretting their decision to appear on Pointless Celebrities, following the furore that erupted after they were asked to guess the name of a 90s pop band. Their clue was a photo of two young Asian girls looking at spices. Girls + spices = Spice Girls, obvs, but Iain and Keith answered "Cornershop" instead, promptly crumpling with embarrassment at their foolishness. And all this before they even saw the horrified reaction on Twitter…

Cowell vs Crossbow (and cross public)

Cowell vs Crossbow (and cross public)

We could scarcely believe our eyes when Simon Cowell went up on the Britain's Got Talent stage to take part in an act last week. Particularly as it involved having a bloke with a bag on his head pointing a crossbow at him and pulling the trigger. While Cowell managed to avoid being horribly impaled (much to David Walliams's regret), the public got more than a little miffed when it turned out the crossbow guy had already appeared on America's Got Talent. So much for "not seeing anything like it in my life", eh Simon?

Sexiest salmon-related moment of the week

Sexiest salmon-related moment of the week

Paul Merton's new TV show is about old train stations. So viewers tuned in expecting to enjoy a cosy, comfy little show. What nobody expected was to be treated to the sight of the veteran comedian helping another chap to sexually pleasure a salmon. Yes, it was supposed to give us an insight into breeding procedures for the fish, but we'll never look at a smoked salmon bagel the same way again.


There are two main reasons to watch My Cat From Hell. Reason one: the resident expert goes by the spectacular name of Jackson Galaxy. Reason two: it's full of cats being INSANE. Last week we met a cat which reacted very badly to any signs of human emotion. As Jackson Galaxy put it, “Every time you laugh, you cry… she goes for your face.” And as one Twitter fan put it, "Leicester fans are celebrating now but imagine how gutted they'll be when they realise they're missing My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet."

Here came the bride

Peaky Blinders, which thanks to its A-list fans has abruptly become the coolest show on the planet, finally returned for its third run. And everyone was in a bit of a tizzy about the identity of Shelby’s bride. We won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet, but the tweets said it all…

Forged in awkward

And finally… This week in Forged In Fire: men look shifty next to anvils. 

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