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Fictional workplaces you wish you worked at

Fictional workplaces you wish you worked at



Are you watching Workaholics? The US import has graduated from humble beginnings into one of the funniest shows on the small screen and it [returns for a new series on Wednesday 25th May at 11pm on Comedy Central]

Following three friends as they transition from life in college into the everyday drudgery of working nine to five at a telemarketing agency, Workaholics is crammed full of big belly laughs all taking place in TelAmeriCorp, one of the finest fictional companies to grace our screens over recent years. Which makes it sound like a brilliant place to work, right? Well, it’s not alone. From coffee shops to construction firms here’s our run down of nine TV show employers we’d love to work for. 

Bluth Company (Arrested Development)

The Iraqi home-building, cornball-frying, banana-freezing Bluth Company might have fluctuated between “triple sell” and “don’t buy” during its stay on our screens, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a fun place to work. Where do we sign up? 

Arrested Development series 1-4 is available to watch on Netflix

Trotters Independent Trading (Only Fools and Horses)

Stick a pony in the pocket, fetch the suitcase from the van because if you can sell the best’uns and you don’t ask questions then brother you’re our man. Of course Trotters Independent Trading might be more crooked than a kingsize Curly Wurly; nut with offices in New York, Paris and Peckham – alongside a fleet of company cars – this family owned business is the kind of company every wanna-be millionaire would want to work for. 

Angel Investigations (Angel)

Any organisation who’s slogan is ‘We Help the Helpless’ seems like a good employer to us. And whilst the job might put you in harm’s way - you are working for a recovering vampire / private investigator after all - the opportunity to keep the streets safe means that this is much more than just another nine to five, it’s a calling. 

Central Perk (Friends)

Seemingly anyone can get a job at this Manhattan java joint just by hanging around the place. In return they can kick back on the cosy couches, listen to the live music, drink bucketfulls of coffee with their best friends and occasionally ease Gunther’s anxiety levels by actually, y’know, doing some work. 

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (The Simpsons)

If for a moment you can overlook the nefarious owners, the unenviable safety record (there are currently some 342 safety violations on file and counting) and eco incompetence; Springfield Nuclear Power Plant might actually be a pretty fun place to work. After all alongside the opportunity to slack off in Sector 7-B, there are a host of extra-curricular activities to enjoy from annual family days to a sideburn-shorn softball team.

Wernham Hogg Paper Company (The Office)

You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it would almost certainly help. A gaggle of great colleagues, regular training opportunities (complete with guitars) and a fun office atmosphere help to punctuate the drudgery of purveying pulp at this Slough-based paper company, which is still going strong despite the questionable performance of its senior management team.

The Office series 1-2 is available to watch on Netflix

Reynholm Industries (The IT Crowd)

"If you're not sexy, we don't want you working here" or so the company motto reads over at Reynholm Industries; a big hard business in a big hard building that boasts one of the best IT departments you could ever work for.

The I.T. Crowd series 1-4 is available in TV On Demand > By Channel > All 4

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