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Is Haven the most underappreciated show on TV?

Is Haven the most underappreciated show on TV?



Gorgeous scenery, a great cast and an intriguing plot that’s got more twists and turns than a kingsize Curly-Wurly; Haven has a little bit of everything. It’s also one of the most underappreciated shows on the box; a small screen gem that you can now unearth On Demand.

So to help whet your appetite for the spectacular Syfy series, here are 8 reasons why you should take a look at Haven. 

It’s based on a Stephen King novel


The legendary writer is of course no stranger to small screen adaptations. From The Dead Zone to Under The Dome, King’s canon has regularly found its way onto the airwaves over the past two decades. So it’s perhaps no surprise to find out that Haven is itself based on a Stephen King story, a 2005 thriller by the name of The Colorado Kid.


Which means it’s going to be kooky

Cowell vs Crossbow (and cross public)

While the series ostensibly follows the character of Special Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), as she heads to a remote town in Maine to explore a string of unexplained events, Haven is certainly not a crime drama. Instead, as you’d expect from a series that stems from the brilliant brain of Stephen King, the show very quickly takes a supernatural turn.


The Troubled

Sexiest salmon-related moment of the week

Most of the series’ supernatural shenanigans centre around “The Troubled” a group of residents who have powers ranging from weather manipulation to pyromancy via poisonous sweat. These super-powered residents help set up the freak-of-the-week storylines as well as the darker ongoing narrative threads that are woven throughout the show as a whole. 

It has a great cast

As well as the aforementioned Emily Rose – an up-and-comer who made her name in HBO’s John from Cincinnati; there are a host of great character actors including Nicholas Campbell, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour. None of the cast are exactly what you’d call A-listers, but what they lack in star quality they more than make up for in talent. 

There’s some jaw-dropping scenery

Shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Haven is crammed to the gills with gorgeous coastal scenery that’s almost as captivating as the on-screen action. 

A strong female lead

Part of the joy of Haven’s heroine is that she is much more than just a sum of her parts. Sure, she’s an intelligent, independent woman who kicks ass and saves the day. But she’s also one of the most rounded characters on the box. She’s a woman who can be serious and scared, funny and ferocious, and around whom many of the show’s central mysteries revolve. 


There’s plenty of it

Remember the pain when you invested in Firefly only to have it taken away from you after half a season? How about Dollhouse? Rubicon or Freaks & Geeks? Fortunately this is not another American import that was cut down in its prime. Instead you have a full five seasons of the Syfy series to sink your teeth into, that’s 65 episodes of action to enjoy safe in the knowledge that the metaphorical rug is not going to be swept away from under your feet. 

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