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Katy B: HoneyAlbum review by Rhian Daly | Rating: ★★★★☆



On Katy On A Mission and the chart-topping Little Red, south London dance queen Katy B breathed new life into the UK scene with her fun, vibrant and relatable pop hooks. Third album Honey doesn't throw that template out completely, but it does see her moving away from that sound slightly.

It's clear from the start: this isn't just another record in the same lineage. The title track is the kind of minimalist, shadowy pop that features heavily on Rihanna's Anti, and it's almost as saucy too. "I am sure you'll want to taste this honey on my skin," goes the verse before a chorus that has a detached Katy coolly demanding, "Taste it, baby/Kiss it, baby". 

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The change in sound could be due to Honey being a collaborative record – each song features at least one other artist or producer, with an impressive roll call stacking up across the full thing. Who Am I boasts both Diplo's Grammy-winning troupe Major Lazer and garage comeback king Craig David to make a steel-pan-infused, emotional anthem. Four Tet and Floating Points lend a hand on the skittering Calm Down, on which Katy returns to one of her favourite subjects – her love of clubbing. "All I really wanna do is dance," she sighs over glitchy beats before admitting,"There's this feeling I feel called joy when I free myself".

Katy B may be moving on, but she's not forgetting her roots. Long-time collaborator Geeneus still features on Honey, with two credits to his name. There's Water Rising, a dramatic, piano-led ballad that kicks up a gear with slowed down breakbeats. And then, the whole thing gets rounded off with the Rinse FM boss teaming up with the singer and rising grime upstart Novelist on Honey (Outro). On it, Katy half-raps, "All I have is London streets/All I have is rhymes and beats," and while she might not be totally leaving the city that made her behind, expanding her horizons not only suits her, but has also produced her best record yet. 

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