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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



This was the week which gave us a thirsty Ed Stafford, a soapy Danny Dyer, and a briefly petrified Holly Willoughby. Let’s fondly reminisce with vids and gifs.





And the award for best dead air goes to…

Funnyman Peter Kay isn’t often lost for words. But when he went up to accept a Bafta for his sitcom Car Share he decided to say very, very little. Instead, he subjected the audience to a vast endless void of silence which would have had them squirming in their seats. The net effect was excruciating, in a really good way. If only they did this sort of thing at the Oscars.


Ed Stafford drinks some water

Survivalist Ed Stafford – aka the slightly more crazy-seeming alternative to Bear Grylls – found fresh water in the middle of the Gobi desert, and his delirious relish was a delight to behold. (As was his sudden panic when he realised he wasn’t alone.)


Best sudden explosion of the week

When a lamp exploded behind the camera on This Morning, Holly and Phil remained cool, professional and utterly unflappable. That’s after a brief moment of hilarious pants-wetting panic, of course…


There’s somebody at the door

Yes, it was hyped to death online, but it was still quite a moment when Peggy returned to the Square, looking all vulnerable and petrified. Enjoy it, people, she won’t be back long.  

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Mick gets into hot water

Also in EastEnders, Danny Dyer fans across the nation would have needed their smelling salts last week, after getting to see Mick half-starkers in a hot tub. Brilliantly, he was being literally blackmailed into having an orgy with a couple who Alan Partridge would describe as “sex people”.

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Best late night tortoise rampage 

If you haven’t seen it, This Week is a serious political debate show that comes on after Question Time. The last edition came with added tortoise. A tortoise which had clearly had enough of Michael Portillo pontificating about the future of the BBC…


Simon presses the golden buzzer

Who’d have thought a novelty act involving a bunch of dancing Stormtroopers would have been such a hit with Simon Cowell? Perhaps it made him feel more like the evil Emperor, whose poster he presumably had on his bedroom as a child. By the way, this lot have already got 10 million views on the official BGT YouTube channel alone…

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