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Trailer round-up: 24: Legacy, Prison Break and more…

Trailer round-up: 24: Legacy, Prison Break and more…



It’s that time of year again! Networks in the U.S. have been releasing trailers for new shows starting this autumn and now we want the summer to be over already (some might say it already is).

While, for a lot of these shows, it’s too early to say which UK channel will pick them up, it looks like there are some brilliant new shows coming to our screens later this year. There are film-to-TV adaptations, spin-offs, and even new reboots of already cherished shows. Plus – whisper it – there are also lots of the original ideas that sound tantalisingly wacky.

Here’s our pick of what’s coming your way in September: 

Star Trek

Starring: Er… we don’t know yet.

Why you should be excited: It’s Star Trek back on its rightful home. If the last movie failed to live up to fans’ expectations, you can bet that a brand new TV series – which can take the time to explore fascinating sci-fi concepts in a much more engrossing way than any summer blockbuster can – will help satisfy them. Plus Bryan “Hannibal” Fuller is heading up production along with Star Trek reboot writer Alex Kurtzman and Star Trek “original movies” writer Nicholas Meyer.

What we think: Ok, so there’s not much to go on here, but the promise of “New crews, new villains, new heroes, new worlds” combined with the refrain from that theme is too tantalising. Set phasers to “mega-super-massively excited”

Chances of going the distance: 9/10

Lethal Weapon

Starring: Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Keesha Sharp

Why you should be excited: Richard Donner’s classic film series starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is being made into a TV show with a whole new facelift. Now they’re no longer too old for this… stuff!

What we think: There are a lot of buddy cop shows out there, but the duo’s dynamic is already laugh-out-loud funny, and the action sequences look really cool.

Chances of going the distance: 9/10

24: Legacy

Starring: Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, Anna Diop

Why you should be excited: It’s a spin-off of the series 24, the nail-biting, clock-watching thriller show starring Kiefer Sutherland. Only he’s not in it this time, which means we don’t have to spend the whole series pitying the poor guy and all he’s been through.

What we think: If you like sleek action (i.e. guns and stuff blowing up), this’ll be the one for you. And we’re ready to bet that new guy Hawkins is going to be a brilliant lead.

Chances of going the distance: 8/10

Prison Break

Starring: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies

Why you should be excited: The original cast reprises their roles (including our beloved Wentworth) in this one-off event series commissioned by Fox.

What we think: Oh no! The trailer looks sort of cheesy. Also, the series have used the “surprise! They’re actually alive” trick once before, and now they’re doing it again to bring back Michael from the dead. We like the new prison, but we’ve seen so many escapes in this show before. Will this be different enough?

Chances of going the distance: 5/10

Prison Break is available to watch now on Netflix

The Exorcist

Starring: Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, Geena Davis

Why you should be excited: It’s a film-to-TV adaptation of the legendary Exorcist film series, which implies that it’s going to be super awesome and super terrifying. Also: Geena Davis.

What we think: The trailer is a little slow, and not particularly creepy. Will they manage to keep the exorcising interest over so many episodes? We’re a bit dubious.

Chances of going the distance: 3/10

Still Star-Crossed

Starring: Lashana Lynch, Wade Briggs, Anthony Head

Why you should be excited: Its backer, Shonda Rhimes, is the unofficial Queen of TV. She’s behind successes such as Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Private Practice, and Scandal.

What we think: Is this the deliciously romantic sequel to Romeo & Juliet we’ve always dreamt about? Looks like it, if you’re happy to embrace the over-the-top drama.

Chances of going the distance: 6/10

Making History

Starring: Adam Pally, Leighton Meester, Yassir Lester

Why you should be excited: There are lots time-travel shows coming up this year, but this looks by far like the silliest – in a fun way. Plus it comes from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys behind The LEGO Movie and the 21 Jump Street films.

What we think:  Time-travelling with your University Professor by means of a duffel bag to visit your girlfriend-in-the-past, who happens to be Paul Revere’s daughter? Yup, we’re sold. Also, everybody bribes each other with ham.

Chances of going the distance: 4/10

The Good Place

Starring:  Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, Jameela Jamil, William Jackson D’Harper

Why you should be excited: It’s a comedy set in heaven. Need we say more?

What we think: We absolutely love the show’s premise: the main character turns up in heaven, but realises she really should be in hell. Sounds like it’ll be quirky and cute, Pushing Daisies-style.

Chances of going the distance: 7/10


Starring: Kylie Bunbury, Katie Nolan, Dan Lauria

Why you should be excited: It looks a great, gritty heartfelt story about a true sporting underdog. And it feature Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell!

What we think: We already love Bunbury in the lead title, and the show’s central father-daughter relationship is definitely going to make us cry, and more than once. We’re going to call this a winner.

Chances of going the distance: 9/10


Starring: Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, Benjamin Bratt, Jude Demorest

Why you should be excited: Er… see the cast line-up above.

What we think: The trailer is a little confusing, but if Lee Daniels’ other music business show Empire is anything to go by, it’ll be brilliant.

Chances of going the distance: 8/10

Designated Survivor

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Maggie Q, Kal Penn

Why you should be excited: Jack Bauer is back, sort of. Except now he’s the accidental President of the United States. Presumably this is why he isn’t in 24: Legacy above.

What we think: Sounds like a cool action-meets politics combo, and it’ll be fun to see Sutherland act a little helpless for once

Chances of going the distance: 4/10

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