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Travis: Everything At Once

Travis: Everything At OnceAlbum review by Rhian Daly | Rating: ★★★☆☆



If there's one thing that can be said about Travis it's that, nearly 20 years since the release of their debut album, they haven't given up. Surprisingly, though, Everything At Once is only their eighth studio album, coming three years after 2013's Where You Stand.

Over the past two decades, Fran Healy and his group haven't much veered from their sonic path and so it's entirely predictable that this latest effort is full of uplifting, warm soft rock, all early Coldplay epics and acoustic guitar strumming. Animals is a string-accompanied jaunt in which Healy paints a picture of Noah's Ark run amok ("All the animals are running after me") and the title track threatens to offer something different with rapidly-delivered verses hooked around a futuristic, robotic approach, but the chorus ushers Travis's more typical sound back to the fore with rousing enthusiasm. 

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In many ways, Travis's refusal to bow to the zeitgeist is admirable – here is a band unconcerned with chasing trends and fads like so many others. Yet lyrically, Healy occasionally sounds as if he's trying to stay relevant, but comes off sounding forced. Paralyzed, which begins like an off-cut from Arcade Fire's Funeral album, has the singer inducing cringes with the line, "When you Twitter your opinion" and, later, drops a mention of the Kardashians. The gently drifting All Of The Places finds him detailing finding "another villain, bring him the bad news/Open up The Daily Mail and it's enough to lose your mind/You've had it up to here". That those words are delivered in a hushed, soft tone means they lose any of the anger or dissatisfaction they could have had.

A missed opportunity? Maybe, but then no one really turns to a Travis record to put the world to rights. After all, you always know what you're going to get with them – something nice, but never too troubling. 

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