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The worst superpowers in Misfits

The worst superpowers in Misfits



Over the course of its five season run, E4's darkly funny superheroes-with-ASBOs show introduced a number of characters who got what can only be described as the less-than-savoury end of the stick when it came to superpowers being handed out. Sure, it's great to have immortality, invisibility, telepathy or time-travel ability like the main characters, but what happens when your superpower involves something a bit less...conventional?

As all five series of the show becomes available on demand (find them in On Demand > TV > By Channel > All 4), we take a look at the show's best worst powers.

Precognitive knitting


Owner: Maggie (Ruth Sheen)

Description: The leader of a support group for people with superpowers, Maggie has the ability to knit jumpers depicting events from the future.

Best use: Knitting a jumper that convinces Rudy (Joe Gilgun) that he and his community service friends are going to become superheroes.

Particularly inconvenient when: You're not actually very good at knitting, so all your future predictions end up looking like a Christmas jumper gone wrong.

Body part swapping


Owner: James (Charlie Covell)

Description: James has the power to swap body parts with someone just by touching them.

Best use: A transgender man, James saves a fortune on gender realignment surgery just by stealing someone else's penis.

Permanent tortoise mimicry


Owner: Mark (Kevin Guthrie)

Description: Mark has the somewhat inconvenient power of being trapped in the body of a tortoise, though he retains his human intelligence. 

Best use: Mark's power is in effect for most of season five, until he gets turned inside out by someone with the power to turn things inside out and, tragically, dies.

Particularly inconvenient when: To be fair, being trapped inside a tortoise is inconvenient at the best of times, but especially when you need to get somewhere in a hurry.

Pregnancy transfer


Owner: Tara (Zara White)

Description: Tara has the ability to transfer her unborn baby into someone else's body.

Best use: Frightened at the prospect of being a mother, Tara transfers her baby into Abby's (Natasha O'Keefe) body instead, only to regret it later. Ten points if you spot the allegory there.

Particularly inconvenient when: You're not actually pregnant. Indeed, as superpowers go, this one has fairly limited applications and can only be used for nine months at a time.

Satanic conversion


Owner: Keith (Robert Whitelock)

Description: Possessed by the Devil, Scout leader Keith has the ability to convert anyone into an Agent of Satan and force them to do his bidding.

Best use: Keith turning his Scout troop into Satanists.

Particularly inconvenient when: The Bishop is coming round for tea

Sexual partner count


Owner: Craig (Osy Ikhile)

Description: Craig has the ability to make a person's forehead display the number of sexual partners they've had – the number appears burnt, like a brand.

Best use: Craig uses the power on his girlfriend, but the main characters all walk past at the same time, causing their numbers to appear on their heads. 

Particularly inconvenient when: In a crowded area, because it'll look like you've started some sort of weird numbers-burned-into-head cult.

Genital erosion


Owner: Leah (Amy Manson)

Description: Leah has the power to cause someone's genitals to turn black and wither away.

Best use: “Best” is a relative term here, but Leah uses her power on Rudy (Joe Gilgun) after he has a one-night stand with her but refuses to exchange names or numbers.

Particularly inconvenient when: Are you kidding me? This power is inconvenient at the best of times. Guaranteed buzz-kill, especially in an intimate situation.

Deity summoning


Owner: Nadine (Gillian Saker)

Description: A deeply religious person (a nun, in fact), Nadine's power involuntarily summons the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse whenever she's surrounded by sin and negativity.

Best use: That time when Nadine involuntarily summoned the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Particularly inconvenient when: You're having a dinner party and suddenly have to make room for four more. Awkward.

Object inversion


Owner: Chloe (Klariza Clayton)

Description: Chloe has the power to turn objects and people inside out.

Best use: Rather gruesomely, Chloe uses her power on Mark the Tortoise (in human form, having just been cured) and kills him.

Particularly inconvenient when: Eating a burger, stroking a cat or trying to use an umbrella. Good for doing laundry though.



Owner: Jeremy (Jo Stone-Fewings)

Description: Zoanthropy is really more of a medical condition than a superpower – the user believes him or herself to be an animal (in Jeremy's case, a dog) while remaining physically human.

Best use: Jeremy greets his girlfriend's son Nathan (Robert Sheehan) by excitedly jumping up and licking his face.

Particularly inconvenient when: You're in a public park and feel the call of nature.



Owner: Brian (Jordan Metcalfe)

Description: Like telekinesis, except it only works on dairy-based products.

Best use: Making milk jump from bottle to cereal is pretty impressive and grants Brian some notoriety, but then he goes crazy and uses it to kill people by suffocating them with the dairy products they've consumed.

Particularly inconvenient when: You run out of milk, which presumably happens quite a lot.

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