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14 incredible TV-themed tattoos

14 incredible TV-themed tattoos



Is there anything cooler than a mysterious tattoo? We don't think so, but Jane, the protagonist of TV series Blindspot, would disagree. One day, she wakes up on Times Square, her whole body covered with tats she doesn't recognise, and with no memory of who she is. As it turns out, each of the patterns tattooed are a clue to a crime the FBI must solve. 

Along with plotlines for thrilling TV shows, tattoos also make for great fan art. To celebrate the complete first season of Blindspot being available to watch now on catch up, we’ve decided to have a look at the most incredible of TV-themed tattoos out there, from plain awesome to entirely questionable.

South Park

Isn’t this full-sleeve homage to South Park stunning? Just look at those bright colours.

Credit: Leah Moule

Doctor Who

There are Daleks. There’s the Tardis. Enough said.

Credit: Inked

PowerPuff Girls

This PowerPuff Girls tribute is cute and mighty, and works so well in a shoulder shape.

Credit: Inked


It’s a perfect composition of Friends in-jokes: the Central Perk coffee cup; Ross’ legendary pivot moment; and Chandler and Joey’s pet duck and chick. 

Credit: Nate Corder

American Horror Story

Sure, this is beautifully made, but it’s going to be giving us nightmares for the rest of the week. 

Credit: Evan Olin

Arrested Development

This is one that Tobias Funke himself would have no doubt appreciated, but no. Just no.

Credit: Mez Love


Here’s the Serenity, class Firefly, possibly TV’s most awesome spaceship. It’s rather nifty too that the tattoo also refers to the show’s part-Asian setting.

Credit: Robin Hudson

Star Trek

Portraits, planets and spaceships: this ink boldly goes where no man has gone before.

Star Trek

Why did this happen? Larry David never deserved this, and neither did we. Consider our enthusiasm curbed.

Credit: Mr. Tooth

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

Could TMNT rescue us from this? Please?? Krang is enjoying that cookie a little too much.

Credit: Buzzfeed


Maybe leaving it to the just the Frasier logo would have been best.

Credit: Buzzfeed

House of Cards

Francis Underwood is watching you. Always. (Stay away from metro platforms).

Credit: Luka Lajoie

Twin Peaks 

The photorealism! The colours! The creepiness! We’re sold.

Credit: Electric Linda

How I Met Your Mother 

Barney’s face doesn’t look quite right, but who can resist his cheeky thumbs-up? Wait for it...

Credit: Steve Wimmer

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