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Best movie pranks

Emilia Clarke is the Queen of Pranks



Shooting romantic weepie Me Before You doesn’t exactly sound like it would have been a barrel of laughs; based on the best-selling book by Jojo Moyes, the film stars Emilia Clarke as Lou, a quirky small-town girl who is determined to show the cynical Will (Sam Claflin), a young banker left paralysed after an accident, that life is worth living.  Stock up on the tissues, as you WILL cry.  Luckily, the two playful stars of the film managed to kept things light on set by engaging in a hilarious prank war.  Check out our exclusive interview below, where Emilia Clarke tells us about the fishy surprise she sprung on Sam:

Days spent shooting on set can often be long and boring, and Emilia joins a long list of actors looking to keep themselves entertained whilst filming.  Look out; there are pranksters about…

Little Pitt

Not seen: George sticking a “Kick me” sign on Brad’s back

Not seen: George sticking a “Kick me” sign on Brad’s back

Perhaps the most famous prankster in the modern movie era is George Clooney, a man renowned for his love of practical jokes. On the set of Ocean’s Twelve, Clooney slapped bumper stickers reading ‘I’m Gay And I Vote’ and ‘Small Penis On Board’ on Brad Pitt’s car, only owning up when a bemused Brad spoke of receiving countless honks on the ride home.

Yes, Mr. Ocean

“Uh oh.  He’s found the sign”

“Uh oh. He’s found the sign”

In response to George Clooney’s bumper sticker gag, Brad Pitt retaliated by sending a memo to all Ocean’s Twelve crew members, purporting to be written by Clooney. The note stated that no one should ever make eye contact with him and that he should be addressed as ‘Mr. Ocean’ at all times. It was weeks until Clooney realised.

McLovin it

Chris Mintz-Plasse - Superbad McLovin to you or I – had a tough time on the set of Role Models: co-star Seann William Scott was in a jovial mood. His pranks included tightening Chris’ trousers, sewing change into his pockets, leaving dog poo in his shoes and leaving him an answerphone message in which he threatened to kick his ass.

Beware small gifts

Never look a Gift Joker in the mouth

Never look a Gift Joker in the mouth

For the sake of everyone who had to work with Jared Leto on Suicide Squad, we hope his performance of The Joker is worth it. First up was his odd choice of gift sent to co-star Margot Robbie: a real live rat.  Then it was a set of bullets to Will Smith and a dead pig delivered to the whole cast, courtesy of Leto.  Unfortunate other members of the Squad were also sent some equally gross gifts (the word “sticky” was used) as Leto tried to get into the right headspace.  If Jared ever offers to buy you a birthday present, we suggest you politely decline.

Rumble in the jungle

And he looks like butter wouldn’t melt, as well

And he looks like butter wouldn’t melt, as well

On the set of Predator, Arnie and co-star Jesse Ventura were forever competing with one another. The wardrobe department told Ventura his arms were one inch larger than Arnie’s, so the crafty bugger bet the Austrian Oak his arms were bigger, already knowing he’d won. However, it was all a ruse – Arnie had told wardrobe to lie, baiting Jesse and winning the bet.