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Best superhero crossover moments

Best superhero crossover moments



What are you doing next at precisely 8pm this Friday? If your answer is anything other than “watching Sky1 while bouncing up and down on my sofa” then you need to have a word with yourself. Because this is when we’ll be seeing Supergirl meet the Flash in a one-off crossover spectacular, and it’s going to be awesome.


Yes, the Scarlet Speedster will be sprinting into a parallel universe – the one inhabited by Kara from Krypton, who has no idea who the Flash is. Without wanting to give too much away, critics in the US have been gushing about this very special Supergirl episode, calling it one of the all-time great crossover stories EVER. Forget grim and gritty, this is set to be a riotous adventure boasting crackling chemistry between our heroes. Plus there’s a bit where he uses his superpowers to fetch her ice cream and she’s really, really happy about it. 

Keep reading for a juicy clip from the episode, but before that… let’s consider some of the other key crossover moments that have delighted fandoms over the years.


Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk

After all the Hulk outs and all-round carnage throughout the movie, audiences weren’t expecting a final shock to hit them at the end of The Incredible Hulk. But they got one, in the dapper form of a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist named Tony Stark. His cryptic announcement of a certain team being put together was enough to make any Marvel aficionado squeal like a Bieber fan. 


Captain America in Thor: The Dark World

OK, this was technically Loki impersonating Captain America, rather than actual Steve Rogers showing up out of the blue. But it was still a marvelous moment, if only because it let us see Chris Evans playing Tom Hiddleston playing Loki playing Captain America, and clearly having a blast while doing it. Trivia tidbit: Hiddleston himself donned Cap’s suit while shooting it, even though he knew Chris Evans would later be spliced into the scene. He just really wanted to wear that suit.


Arrow in The Flash 

The heroes of Starling City and Central City have met quite a few times, but the best crossover moment came in the very first episode of The Flash, mainly because of how magnificently cheesy it was. Having recently gained his powers, the Flash visited Arrow for advice on the whole crime-fighting lark, at which point Arrow went all Obi Wan/Jor-El/Mr Miyagi on him, giving him a mystic pep talk and literally saying stuff like “I don’t think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry. I think it chose you.” For saying this with a straight face, we salute you Stephen Amell.


Thor in The Incredible Hulk Returns

Never mind the modern-day Avengers. Marvel’s finest were crossing paths way back in the 1980s. Just check out this clip from The Incredible Hulk Returns, the TV film which saw Bill Bixby’s Dr Banner make the acquaintance of Thor, here portrayed as a total jerk. Seriously, he’s basically a shaggier version of Biff from Back to the Future. Luckily, a bicep-heavy bromance eventually blossomed between the Norse warrior and the not-so-jolly green giant…


Daredevil in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk

As well as spending quality time with 80s Thor, 80s Hulk also got pally with 80s Daredevil. That’s right – before the Netflix Daredevil, before the Affleck Daredevil, there really was an 80s Daredevil, and guess what? He was legitimately awesome. Decked out in ninja black, like the season one Daredevil in the Netflix series, he proved to be a highly capable butt-kicker. And, unlike many other older iterations of beloved Marvel characters (we’re looking at you, David Hasselhoff Nick Fury), this Daredevil was in no way embarrassing. Except maybe in this promo pic.

It’s Daredevil, but not as we know him

It’s Daredevil, but not as we know him


Nick Fury in Agents of SHIELD

We can’t decide what the best thing is about Nick Fury’s surprise cameo in the second episode of Agents of SHIELD. Is it the fact that Nick Fury is furious, which means Samuel L. Jackson gets to dial his Samuel L. Jackson-ness all the way to 11? Or is it the cheeky smirk on Coulson’s face throughout the entire tongue-lashing? Decide for yourself…


The Flash in Supergirl

And if all that has wetted your appetite for superhero mash-ups, we’re now about to see the Flash cool his heels in the world of Supergirl. This is a big moment, because it’s high time DC proved they can do fun crossovers as well as Marvel. Here’s a taster…