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Best TV show marriage proposals

Best TV show marriage proposals



Weepy wives-to-be and beautiful bridezillas return to stock up on diamantes, sequins and more bling as Say Yes To The Dress UK returns to TLC at 9pm on Friday 6th January. That’s right, the Confetti & Lace bridal boutique in Essex opens its doors once again for designers David Emanuel and Christine Dando to help the blushing betrothed find their dream gowns.

To celebrate and help get us in the mood for wedding joy, here are some of the best proposals that fictionalised TV has graced us with thus far, because there isn’t anything more heartening than watching mythical television couples finally decide to tie the knot. Warning: have tissues at the ready.

Derek and Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy)

We’d been waiting for this one for so long. And oh how our anticipation was rewarded. Derek’s unusual proposal to Meredith gave us the shivers all over. First, there’s the adorably awkward moment when Richard stops Meredith from getting into the wrong elevator. Then, Derek lands in what is perhaps the world’s most romantic lift (if you work in the medical profession). His proposal includes geeky surgical references, as well as praise for Meredith’s dedication to her work. And in the end, it’s not so much Derek asking a question, but rather a moving confession of love between equals.

Ben and Leslie (Parks And Recreation)

When we thought there couldn’t be a sweeter couple, Ben and Leslie come along. Leslie is so surprised seeing Ben down on one knee  that she needs a minute (or as it turns out, more than a minute) to savour the moment before, finally, she allows  him to pop the question. We love that this moment is both hilarious and incredibly poignant. Where are those hankies?

Chandler and Monica (Friends)

Friends may have had us eagerly following the ups and downs of Rachel/Ross, but it’s the simple quirkiness of the Monica/Chandler duo which broke our hearts again and again. We couldn’t wait to see if and how they were going to tie the knot. In the end the two propose to each other in one of the iconic Friends flats, surrounded by candles, and sobbing. And of course, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are at the door, listening in.

Mike and Phoebe (Friends)

Lovable and eccentric Phoebe finds her perfect match in Mike (as you’ll remember, played by an endearing Paul Rudd). Mike is just as odd as Phoebe (in a good way), and brilliantly funny. His proposal plans don’t go so well though. After several failed attempts (including one where Phoebe proposes to him)  he gets it done the good old fashioned way: just by coming out with it.

Matthew and Mary (Downton Abbey)

In between shipwrecks, entailed estates, scheming grandmothers, dying ambassadors and WWI, Matthew and Mary haven’t had it easy. This is why it’s a real pleasure to see them reunited at long last. It’s a perfectly low-key, modest proposal (after all, they have all those traumatic experiences to process), yet it takes place in a superbly romantic backdrop: Downton Abbey, in the snow. You’ll be so busy awwing and ooing that you’ll never notice that it’s a bit weird that they don’t look cold standing out there.

Jim and Pam (The Office)

Aren’t they the sweetest workplace romance? Jim and Pam’s endearing friendship and on-and-off relationship finally comes to fruition when Jim proposes in a gas station. The two meet mid-way between Scranton and New York City (Pam is away studying for a few months). Deciding that he can’t wait any longer, Jim is down on one knee as soon as he sees his wife-to-be. His sudden and impassioned proposal is tear-jerking stuff

Will and Emma (Glee)

For musical proposals, the ultimate reference is Glee. The TV show has had so many that you could easily make an album out of their proposal themed-covers. Will’s to Emma is unfortunately one of the more preposterous ones of the collection. Why the swimming pool? Why the white suit? Why jump in the swimming pool in the white suit? And why are so many of his students so good at synchronised swimming? No wonder Emma looks so overwhelmed.

Michael and Jane #1 & #2 (Jane the Virgin)

Michael’s first proposal to Jane is somewhat of a disaster. He sweetly surprises her with dinner on their two-year anniversary, but in reply to his question, Jane only says ‘I’m pregnant’ (not with his kid; it’s not her fault; long story). His second proposal, months later, is totally adorable. Its spontaneity is what makes it so special. Jane starts talking about their relationship, and all of a sudden Michael is on his knee – and she says yes (three times) before he has a chance to ask anything at all.

Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice 1995)

Mr Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth Bennet is perhaps the most beautifully failed marriage offer of them all. Against all odds, he’s fallen in love with her. (He’s rather rich and posh. She’s only a little bit posh and destined to not be rich at all). Yet, despite his affections, he entirely misunderstands her, and the declaration of love ends up angering our heroine, who tells him off for his rudeness. This is one to watch for thoroughly satisfying and Giffable indignant faces.

John and Daya (Orange Is The New Black)

John and Daya’s forbidden relationship is actually the nicest thing Litchfield Penitentiary has got going for it. They’re two sweet, troubled people trying to make the best of things. Albeit in a rather clumsy way. Their proposal is so adorable. Daya finds the ring after a series of clues, and turns around to find John kneeling. Aww. We’re still hoping that somehow their story works out well.

Orange Is The New Black seasons 1-4 are now available on Netflix

Joey, Phoebe and Rachel (Friends)

Friends is just awesome at proposals, hands down. In this one, Joey sweetly proposes to Phoebe when he learns that she is unexpectedly pregnant. She gleefully accepts. But of course, it’s Rachel, not Phoebe who is pregnant, and it’s a real delight to watch Monica scoff as Joey delivers the exact same proposal to her minutes later.

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