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Catastrophe’s guide to fatherhood

Catastrophe’s guide to fatherhood



Fatherhood’s a tough gig. It really eats into your TV-watching time and often you have to spend as much as half an hour helping to build things out of Lego. Dads, you deserve a reward, and with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we’ve got just the thing: both seasons of painfully true-to-life sitcom Catastrophe available to watch on demand. 

Catastrophe’s Rob and Sharon didn’t plan their first child but that’s not going to stop them making a go of it. As the usual trials of parenthood rear up they deal with them pragmatically, a little chaotically, and wherever possible swearily. Treat Catastrophe as your guide to fatherhood. 

Within reason.

Within reason.

Be there for the birth

You can’t get away with sitting in the waiting room smoking fags like Don Draper did anymore. You’ve got to get in there and get your hands dirty. Not literally: leave that to the professionals.

Always set a good example

Your kids will copy behaviours they see from a young age, so make sure you’re at your best whenever they’re around.

Be a supportive husband

There’ll be moments of panic for both of you. Stay strong and be reassuring. Uh ... kind of like this.

Stay healthy

You’re going to need to be able to run when the toddler goes bombing off towards something sharp, not to mention bend down a lot. Keep yourself in shape.

Lay off other women, for crying out loud

Sure, the life you’ve signed up for isn’t always a thrill ride but this is kind of the least you can do, right?

Get on well with your in-laws

Make the effort. If her brother’s drunk and plainly in the midst of emotional turmoil ... actually, just steer well clear, you don’t want any part of that. But do it nicely. 

Have a sense of humour

Remember all those autobiographies you’ve read where someone spends pages on how cold and distant their father was? Don’t be that guy. Well, arguably it seems to result in high-achieving children significant enough to write autobiographies, but still, throw in a joke for the kids every now and then.

Don’t lose your cool

Fatherhood brings with it many daily obstacles: soiled nappies, tantrums, the endless battle to make a child eat. But if you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs, you’ll be a dad, my son.

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