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10 Geordie Shore gifs to use in everyday life



Much like a packet of pork rinds and a jägerbomb, watching Geordie Shore can often leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth and an overwhelming feeling of shame. But even though it’s easy to sit back and judge the rowdy Geordies and their over-drinking ways, the wild bunch from the North East have wrangled their way into the British public’s heart by being blunt and wonderfully – and often accidentally – funny.

Over the course of 12 successful series, fans have paid tribute to the cast with endless blogs, tumblrs and gifs, 10 of which we’ve uncovered to help you get through your daily life.

But if you need a bit more, remember that the lads and lasses return with series 13 on Tuesday 25th October.

When you’re enduring the work commute


Something happens to normal, well-behaved people when they’re on their way to work and are keen to get on an already overcrowded train. Heels are scraped, elbows are prodded and aggressive shoving abounds as everyone tries to get on first. Honestly, you’d think they were trying to get on the last rescue boat off the Titanic. 

When you somehow manage to get a seat on a packed train


Having said that, when hordes of people pile on and there are only a few seats, managing to nab one is like winning an Olympic gold medal. Well, maybe it just feels that way. It’s especially sweet when you get one and the person who shoved you ends up standing with a copy of the Metro on one side of their face and a sweaty armpit on the other. Laugh haughtily at them, just like Charlotte here.

When you and your BFF do some bonding


But away from work life it’s important to spend time with friends, because who else would agree to wear a silly hat and roam a foreign land? This gif illustrates that moment between Charlotte and Scotty T, right before the inevitable drunken screaming happened, so hold onto it for a reminder of happier times.

When a vegan decides to have a go at you for grabbing a cheeky Nando’s


Nobody has any issue with someone’s dietary choices until they cast a judgmental eye over the greasy takeaway and McFlurry you’re having for lunch on a Tuesday. But when they do, just remember Charlotte’s wise words in this nifty gif. It’s called “fast” for a reason, you know.

When you have to make nice with the person your friend is dating


Even though you love your friends, you may not necessarily love their current beau and that awkward social situation requires some top notch acting to stop people from noticing you’re screaming internally. Still, even if your friend ends up staying with them for the long haul, you can always discuss it with other friends who agree, or with the nation, if you’re like Vicky.

When you’re sweating your face off 


Whether it’s during a rare British heatwave or in a sweaty club, no amount of sweat-proof make-up or tissue dabbing can stop you looking an absolute state. Amazingly, the many beauty bloggers online have never recommended soaking up sweat with bread, so they’re obviously not as sharp as Shore’s Charlotte.

When you offer to get the next round and people request double shots and endless snacks


Like giving up your seat for a pregnant woman and replacing a toilet roll, offering to buy a round while out with pals is just common decency. However, there is a downside; sometimes people take advantage of this kind offer and dare to ask for a drink with an extra shot, some nuts and a packet of crisps because apparently you’re rich. Woah, indeed.

When the drama starts ruining your good time


Why is it that whenever the DJ starts hitting their stride and you forget about your crap week with some well-timed moves, someone starts a row and ruins it? Alas, sometimes it’s just inevitable, but please don’t try to divert the attention back to yourself by taking your top off and flexing your pecs ala Scotty T.

When you’re at a party and discover there is a tab at the bar


You know what’s better than a party? A party with free (for you) drinks! Along with good music and an even better crowd, this is a fundamental ingredient of a good night out. However, a bar tab can sometimes be a gift and a curse, which brings us nicely to our next gif…

Which inevitably leads to having one too many 


One can only assume that 15 layers of fake tan and hairspray protected Holly from a massive head injury, but this is the perfect example of when you start having too much fun. Note the horror on Gaz’s face: this is the same face your friends/colleagues/bae get when you start dancing on a table and hugging the bouncer. Go home mate, you’re drunk.

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