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Have you seen these 6 hot shows ?

Have you seen these 6 hot shows ?



Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you’re having a nice chat with your mates or colleagues, and the conversation suddenly moves on to a TV show that you haven’t quite had the time to get into yet? That’s the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It wouldn’t surprise us if that’s happening to you quite a lot at the moment, thanks to all the brilliant drama, comedy and action the BBC are putting on telly.

Well, thank goodness that if you’ve got TiVo®, you can catch up on all your favourite shows (and discover all the new ones) with BBC iPlayer’s 30-day catch-up. Yes, 30 days! So even if you’ve missed a few episodes, you can still join in from the very beginning through Catch Up TV or with the BBC iPlayer app. From series 3 of The Musketeers (series 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix) to new French thriller The Disappearance, here’s our pick of the brand new and returning series you should be tuning into...

In the mood for… fun-fuelled action?

Watch The Musketeers series 3!

Where can I find it? Three episodes are in BBC iPlayer. Watch the next on Monday, 9pm, BBC One/HD (CH 101/108)

What it’s about: The four swashbuckling soldiers return for one final series, and there are some big questions to answer. Will Aramis adapt to the life of a monk? Can they finally rid Paris of corruption? Can they all keep escaping scrapes unscathed? And is that Rupert Everett with long hair?

Who’s in it: Tom Burke (War & Peace), Luke Pasqualino (Skins), Tamla Kari (The Inbetweeners Movie)

You’ll like this if you like: Merlin, Poldark

In the mood for… Scandinavian crime-solving?

Watch Wallander series 4!

Where can I find it? The last two episodes are available to watch in BBC iPlayer

What it’s about: Based on the Swedish novels by Henning Mankell, we pick up once again with police inspector Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) – brilliant at solving crimes, but whose personal life comes to suffer from dealing with the brutal murders taking place on his patch.

Who’s in it: The aforementioned Sir Branagh, Jeany Spark (The Interceptor), Richard McCabe (Peaky Blinders)

You’ll like this if you like: The Bridge

In the mood for… unlikely London cops?

Watch New Blood – new series!

Where can I find it? Well, the first three episodes are available to watch in BBC iPlayer now. Then the second case – episodes 4 and 5 – will be available from 23rd June, with the final two episodes hitting iPlayer on 7th July. Want to watch them one at a time? Then tune in Thursday, 9pm, BBC One (CH 101) and BBC One HD (CH 108)

What it’s about: Written by bestselling Stormbreaker author Anthony Horowitz, this is the story of two young, frustrated and incredibly different investigators (one police, the other from the serious fraud office), who have to find a way of working together to solve some even bigger problems: London’s corporate criminals.

Who’s in it: Ben Tavassoli (No Offence), Mark Strepan (The Mill), Mark Addy (Atlantis), Anna Chancellor (Fleming), Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat)

You’ll like this if you like: Spooks, No Offence

In the mood for… a touching drama?

Watch Reg – new one-off drama!

Where can I find it? There’s only one episode and it’s ready and waiting in BBC iPlayer

What it’s about: Jimmy McGovern’s incredibly moving, feature-length drama is based on the real story of Reg Keys, whose son Tom was killed serving in Iraq in 2003. He went on to stand against Tony Blair in the 2005 General Election as an anti-war protest.

Who’s in it: Tim Roth (Lie To Me), Anna Maxwell Martin (And Then There Were None), Elliot Tittensor (Shameless)

You’ll like this if you like: Our Girl and any drama by Jimmy McGovern

In the mood for… a realistic family comedy?

Watch Going Forward – new series (sort of)!

Where can I find it? The last two episodes are available to watch in BBC iPlayer

What it’s about: Loveable care worker Kim Wilde (comedian Jo Brand) – previously seen in Getting On – returns, and this time the spotlight is on her family life. It’s a darkly funny look at the NHS’s unsung heroes and the sacrifices they make to keep others safe.

Who’s in it: Jo Brand, Omid Djalili (Dickensian)

You’ll like this if you like: Flowers

In the mood for… a French thriller?

Image credit © Julien Cauvin

Image credit © Julien Cauvin

Watch The Disappearance – new series!

Where can I find it? The first six episodes are available to watch in BBC iPlayer (they are being shown as double bills on BBC Four). Watch the final two episodes on Saturday, 9pm, BBC Four/HD (CH 107/164)

What it’s about: This Gallic thriller follows what happens when 17-year-old Léa goes missing from her home in Lyon, and the shadowy truths that start to emerge from her family and friends. No one wants to admit guilt, but it becomes increasingly hard to see anyone as innocent.

Who’s in it: Alix Poisson (The Returned)

You’ll like this if you like: The Missing, Witnesses

Not got TiVo®?

You can still enjoy a whole host of shows including The Musketeers, New Blood and Wallander on 7-day catch up, as well as lots of more top entertainment from ITV, All 4 and Channel Five. Just click on Catch Up TV on your Liberate box to see what’s available this week.

But wait… there’s more!

Have you heard about The Living And The Dead? Merlin‘s Colin Morgan stars as a Victorian psychiatrist investigating spooky goings-on in this supernatural thriller, starting Tuesday 27th June on BBC One (CH 101) and BBC One HD (CH 108). It’s going to be massive – and the good news is, you don’t even have to wait until then to watch it! The series will be available to watch as a Box Set on BBC iPlayer a whole two weeks early! 

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