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Peep Show quotes you can use in everyday life

Peep Show quotes you can use in everyday life



Peep Show might have recently ended its run, but you can still enjoy all nine seasons of the El Dude brothers’ desperately drab existence in all of its excruciating glory on demand (find it in On Demand > By Channel > All 4). Of course no one would really envy the lives of the show’s POV protagonists, but even in their most tawdry of moments Jez, Mark, and even a relatively sober Super Hans, have given us some words of wisdom to live by.

To prove it, here’s are the finest Peep Show quotes you might be able to use in everyday life. 

When you wake up and it’s Monday

The weekend is gone and those two days of freedom feel a lifetime away as you face another week at work. 

When you settle in for the commute…

Sure, you and 100 other stone faced people are going to be trapped in a metal can together for the next 45 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you have to make eye contact.

That time you tweeted an absolute zinger

It was 140 characters of pun-laden perfection. The kind of satirical social commentary that should automatically guarantee you a spot on one of those panel shows hosted by Dara O’Briain. And all you got was a single retweet…from your mum. 

When your overhear Jez from sales talking about his wild weekend

One of the perils of taking the lift at work is that there’s no escape from the idiotic conversations of your colleagues. Just smile, nod, and silently judge.

When you decide not to go to the gym

Neon lighted spin studios with blaring music and impossibly toned instructors might sound like a good idea, until you actually step foot inside one that is. 

When you never hear back after a first date

You put on a shirt, you dusted off your social skills, and you treated your potential life partner to a slap up meal in Nandos. So why won’t they text you back? WHY?!

When 5pm on Friday finally arrives

Shut down computer, feel awesome. 

When politics comes up over the dinner table

Because some subjects just shouldn’t be discussed over Sunday lunch. 

When you tune into Big Brother even though you know you shouldn’t

Every year you vow not to tune in, but by the end of summer you’ve spent more time watching the Big Brother house than your own four walls. 

When you contemplate doing some DIY

You’ve bought the tools, you’ve seen the TV shows and you spent 5 minutes looking at instructional videos on Youtube before getting distracted by by cats. You can definitely do it yourself. Can’t you?

When your mates go out without you

How dare they have a good time without you. 

When your mates pressure you to join them for a big night out

You could go out and socialise, but pubs are so noisy and you’ve probably got nothing worth talking about anyway. If only you had the guts to tell them that you’d rather stay in and binge watch shows on your own. 

When you drunkenly cook up the perfect business idea

Look you may have had a few too many to drink, and you may regret saying this in the morning. But right now, at this very second, you’re convinced that this is the best idea in the history of human civilization. 

Find Peep Show series 1-9 in On Demand > By Channel > All 4.

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