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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



Cheese toasties can be hazardous to your relationship. Also: kittens are really, really cute. These are just a few of the things we learnt from last week’s eventful TV offerings…





A Very Cheesy Romance

“When I’m hungry, I’m anal.” That was an example outburst from Love Island’s “toastie-gate”, when a hot sandwich somehow triggered the most childish strop we’ve seen on TV since we last watched Jeremy Kyle. It’s a long clip, but so very worth it. (Warning: they swear like dockers. Beautiful, perma-tanned dockers.)

Soccer Aid 2016 also saw the very first red card ever given in the history of the charity event. Well done, TV presenter Ben Shephard. Well done. 

Technical Cock-Up of the Week

Despite what you might think, this ISN’T just another ad-infested YouTube clip. This is literally what happened on Big Brother during a crucial scene last week. One Twitter user said “Maybe the entire production team had called in sick and only Maureen from the front desk was around to do the live show #BBUK”. Which we think is actually unfair to Maureens everywhere.

Men Let Loose on Loose Women

So, Fathers 4 Justice gatecrashed Loose Women, and it went pretty much exactly like you’d imagine…

Philip Green Is Looked At

He may be a billionaire titan of commerce, but Sir Philip Green really, really doesn’t like being looked at. Stop looking at him. Seriously. Just stop it.

Best Fan Ever

The greatest footballing moment from the England/Wales clash? It wasn’t Bale’s miraculous goal. It was seeing this despairing Wales fan. This brilliant and despairing Wales fan.

Erectile Nuptial Plumage

The final episode of Springwatch took an unexpected twist when attention turned to some “erectile nuptial plumage”. By which we mean, Martin Hughes-Games’ hair.


And finally, The Secret Life of Kittens left us in a gooey pathetic mess on our sofas. Here’s why. 

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