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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



Never mind Brexit and the far-reaching implications for the nation’s future. Linda Robson’s potty mouth, and Jeremy Kyle reading out saucy texts, were clearly the most noteworthy telly moments of the past week. Right?


Loose lips on Loose Women 

This week on Loose Women: Linda Robson became that straight-talking, no-nonsense, gutter-mouthed aunt we all wish we had in our lives. Unfortunately, the other panellists didn’t quite see it that way… 

Jeremy Kyle talks dirty

So Jeremy Kyle decided to read out the “sexts” of a naughty couple on his show, and he got just a tiny bit too into it. It’s enough to make us re-think the virtues of celibacy…

Katie speaks for the nation

As the EU question kept prodding us all in the brain all week, one person summed up the feelings of ordinary folk across the country. Was it David Cameron? Boris Johnson? JK Rowling? Nope. It was Katie Price.

Best outrageous love-making of the week

Love Island lived up to its name with an… act of love taking place in full view of the other housemates, with much whooping and applause. Is this what TV has come to? Is it? IS IT? (Yes it is.)

Baby racing becomes a thing

"Why is the One Show racing babies? Who's idea was that?! Who approved it?!" asked a Twitter user. We wholeheartedly echo those sentiments. Just look at the state of this…

Meltingly romantic moment of the week

Back to Loose Women, but this time with a decidedly non-sweary Nadiya Hussain, whose husband proposed to her live on air. Despite them already being married. Just watch and you’ll understand what we’re on about.

See EU later

And finally, this. To which we can only say: blimey.

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