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Telly highlights of the week

Telly highlights of the week



So, didn’t Top Gear do a fantastic job of winning everyone over? Oh wait, it didn’t. Never mind, there was also a magical revamp of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to make the Beeb feel better, along with these other highlights…

Best Montage of the Week

Proving that montages aren’t just for sports movie training sequences, the British Soap Awards gave us a fine collection of people in soaps having drinks thrown in their faces. It must have taken the researches AGES to cobble the clips together, but we can all agree it was time well spent… 

Flop Gear

Top Gear fans went full speed for hate on Twitter

Top Gear fans went full speed for hate on Twitter

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. The much-heralded new reboot of Top Gear wasn’t so much a bombshell as a damp squib, if the Twitterati are to be believed. As the nation’s petrol heads lamented, we have a feeling Chris Evans was probably longing for the good old days of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.

That’s Magic

A magician winning a TV talent show? What is this, 1986 or something? It really was rather retro-seeming that conjurer Richard Jones won this year’s BGT. And not even with some kind of cool edgy Derren Brown-like extravaganza. Just a sweet card trick which celebrated an army veteran and made us all blub with patriotic pride.

Water Way to Take Joke

Speaking of wet faces on BGT, here’s why you definitely shouldn’t tease Amanda Holden, ever.

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(No) Love Island

No love lost there, then

No love lost there, then

Never mind the EU debates, viewers this week were most furious about Love Island. Not the fact that a show this terrible actually exists, but the fact that a “10/10 hottie” like Malin was mysteriously not-picked as a partner by the guys in the first episode. Top marks to Twitter user Victor Ebuwa for his comment on this national scandal… 

Dave Gets Owned

Pity poor David Cameron, who got put in his place by a lady in the audience at a Sky News EU debate. Twitter was well impressed, although one amusing user did comment “‘I'm an English Literature student, I know waffling when I see it,’ she says, after longest ever question.” If only Dave had thought to say that at the time…

Best Kiss of the Week

A Midsummer Night’s Dream got an outrageous make-over this week, blending Shakespeare with Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. The most iconic moment? Two women kissing, which according to certain sections of the tabloid press was a politically corrupt OUTRAGE which would corrupt our kids and bring on the end of British civilisation as we know it.

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