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Desperate Housewives: Where are they now?

Desperate Housewives: Where are they now?



We’ve followed the ups and downs of Desperate Housewives with a keen eye over the years. The murders! The arson! The betrayals! The gossip! It was really amazing stuff and now you can enjoy it all over again as the complete seasons 1-8 box set arrives On Demand.

Now that we’re some time on from the series finale though, we’ve been wondering where Wisteria lane’s familiar faces ended up. For your (and our) gleeful curiosity, here are what its leading actors have been up to since leaving the world of suburbia:

Teri Hatcher

Then: She played Susan Mayer, hopeless romantic, remarkably clumsy, with a penchant for drama. Susan was usually in love with Mike Delfino (whom she eventually married - twice). Teri Hatcher was also known at the time for her part in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, as well as playing Lois Lane in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. And, of course, she also makes an excellent villain in Spy Kids.

Now: Since Desperate Housewives, Hatcher has mostly done voice-over work. You can hear her as Dottie in the animation Planes and its sequel, as well as in other Disney cartoon series. And, even cooler, she has a recurring role in the show The Odd Couple, along Friends’ Matthew Perry.

Felicity Huffman

Then: She played Lynette Scavo, a stay-at-home mum who struggles to adjust to her new role after leaving a promising career behind. Lynette also had four hyperactive children and a husband who wanted to quit everything to start a pizzeria. While the show was running, Felicity Huffman also played a transgender woman in the film Transamerica.

Now: Huffman stars in the critically acclaimed anthology show American Crime. She plays a different character in each season, which sounds pretty neat.

Marcia Cross

Then: She played Bree Van de Kamp, a perfectionist and model homemaker who also struggled with alcoholism and had a tendency to date guys with terrible secrets. Prior to Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross was also known for her role as Dr Kimberly Shaw on the soap opera Melrose Place.

Now: Cross plays a Vice-Presidential candidate in Quantico, a TV thriller series about new FBI recruits.

Eva Longoria

Then: She played Gabrielle Solis, Wisteria Lane’s most glamorous inhabitant. Gabrielle was married, most of the time, to Carlos Solis (during which time both he or her were likely to be having an affair).

Now: Longoria’s kept really busy: she starred briefly on the sitcom Telenovela, which was cancelled after a season. She also appeared for several episodes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and is now an executive producer on Devious Maids. And, of course, she’s led numerous advertising campaigns for L’Oreal.

Nicollette Sheridan

Then: She played reviled neighbour Edie Britt, who always seemed to be seducing someone she shouldn’t, and proved to be a better person than many of her neighbours. Nicollette Sheridan was also known for playing Paige Matheson on the TV drama Knots Landing.

Now: Since her untimely departure from the series, Sheridan has starred in a handful of TV movies, including one she co-wrote, named The Christmas Spirit. Last we heard, she was working on putting together a new comedy series.

Brenda Strong

Then: She played Mary Alice Young, the wise and witty narrator of the show, who committed suicide in the first episode.

Now: Brenda Strong starred in the soap opera Dallas for its three-season run and went on to appear in Scandal and in The 100 (as Nia, Queen of the Ice Nation, which is the coolest character title ever).

James Denton

Then: He played the ridiculously handsome Mike Delfino, a plumber with dark secrets and a bizarre propensity for getting into accidents.

Now: He currently stars as th ridiculously handsome town doctor Sam Radford in the TV series Good Witch.

Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Then: He played Carlos Solis, a businessman turned massage therapist turned businessman turned counsellor with anger management issues.

Now: Ricardo Antonio Chavira played in several theatre productions before briefly starring in the sitcom Welcome To The Family. He’s now in Scandal as Governor Vargas.

Mark Moses

Then: He played super-creepy Paul Young, the neighbour everyone on Wisteria Lane loved to hate.

Now: During Desperate Housewives’ run, Mark Moses simultaneously appeared on Mad Men as advertising executive Duck Phillips. He’s also guest starred in an improbably high number of TV shows, including Homeland, Manhattan, and The Killing.

Andrea Bowen

Then: she played Julie Mayer, Susan’s daughter, who mainly helped her mother out of  awkward situations and gave excellent advice, which naturally no one ever listened to.

Now: Bowen has since appeared in an episode of Scandal (no, but seriously - why is everyone turning up in Scandal?) along with several feature films, including G.B.F. and Pretty Little Addict.

Jesse Metcalfe

Then: He played John Rowland, the attractive and silly gardener with whom Gabrielle had an affair. While the show was airing, Metcalfe also played John Tucker in John Tucker Must Die (that must have been a fun gig).

Now: Metcalfe guest stars in an episode of Scandal as a presidential aide… just kidding. He has however appeared alongside Brenda Strong in Dallas, and is one of the leads on the show Chesapeake Shores, which is set to premiere in the US in August 2016.

Doug Savant

Then: He played Tom Scavo, Lynette’s sometimes adorable, often wholeheartedly irritating husband. Beforehand, Savant acted alongside Nicollette Sheridan in Knots Landing, and with Marcia Cross in Melrose Place. And you can also spot him in an episode of Firefly.

Now: After Desperate Housewives’ conclusion, Doug has done episodes here and there in various TV Shows, such as Hawaii Five-0 and the X-Files.

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