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What to watch: Hidden Gems on Virgin Movies

What to watch: Hidden Gems on Virgin Movies



We are all well aware of the glossy, star-driven blockbusters, thanks to multi-million dollar budgets and eye-popping marketing campaigns. And there’s no doubt we love them. But what about the rest? Every month there are movies that slip under the radar. Movies with great casts. Award-winning movies that have already taken the festival circuit and critics by storm. And movies that deserve to seen by a bigger audience. Here are ten Hidden Gems to look out for in July.  Click through to watch online or press home on your Virgin Media remote, then On Demand > Movies.

Triple 9

Although supported by a small and relatively effective marketing campaign, Triple 9 got a little lost in a month dominated by the brilliant Deadpool. From Lawless director John Hillcoat, and featuring an incredible cast including Casey Affleck, Woody Harelson and Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, this is a non-stop action ride that will turn your knuckles white.

Son Of Saul

Winner of the 2015 Foreign Language Film Oscar, and from a director making his directorial debut, this film is a gripping, and at times harrowing story with the Holocaust at its centre. Riveting from start to end, and featuring many stand-out performances, Son Of Saul is a must watch.


A great example of a true independent thriller, that is atmospheric, tense and mysterious. Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes play a desperate couple who lose their child soon after moving to a remote Australian town. As a dust storm approaches, the tension slowly cranks up.


An animated movie unlike anything you’ve seen before. As soon as you realise this is from Charlie Kaufman, the writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, you’ll know this is not another much loved Pixar movie. Replace talking animals with a thought-provoking plot and fascinating characters and you’re almost there.

Anomalisa is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 11th July


A kebab shop owner turns vigilante and makes a meal of his drunk and violent customers. Sounds insane, right? This Sweeney Todd for the fast-food generation shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. Well-made and well-acted, this British film is well worth watching at home with a take-away.

K-Shop is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 25th July

Secret In Their Eyes

In a world of endless remakes, this manages to stand out from the crowd. Based on the Oscar-winning Argentine film, this rework from Captain Philips writer Billy Ray features a stellar cast including Chiwetel Ejiofor and Julia Roberts, and provides more than enough twists and turns to entertain.


From a similar mould as acclaimed star-studded true story Spotlight, Truth delivers in many of the same ways. A great cast including Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford, a gripping story, and well written, snappy dialogue. Search out the Truth.

Truth is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 18th July


Director Ben Wheatley is not a Hollywood director. In many ways ‘cult’, he makes movies that are a bit different. Just look at Sightseers and A Field In England. Based on J.G. Ballard’s novel, High-Rise is perhaps his most mainstream movie thanks to Tom Hiddleston starring, but it still sits near the top of the pile marked ‘surreal’.  

High-Rise is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 18th July

The Trust

It’s hard to ignore a Nicolas Cage movie, especially when he’s switched to over-the-top mode. Starring alongside Elijah Wood, The Trust is a crime-comedy that could easily vanish without a trace. But with solid excitement and laughs, and of course Cage letting loose, it definitely deserves a look.

The Trust is available on Virgin Movies from Monday 18th July

The Forest

Movies that genuinely scare are few and far between these days. But The Forest is a disturbing, creepy and downright scary movie, that isn’t a sequel or dripping in CGI. Grab the popcorn, turn off the lights and prepare for a scare. The horror genre is back.